Do American Leopard Hounds make good guard dogs?

Yes. The American Leopard Hound’s imposing stature, athleticism, wariness of strangers and strong territorial instincts make them surprisingly apt guard dogs.

Are American Leopard Hounds the right size to be guard dogs?

Large, strong hunting hounds standing upwards of 30 inches tall. Muscular frames bely explosive power and aggression capacity ideal for deterrence. Nimble and quick as well.

Does a American Leopard Hound have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Courageous, highly strung temperament befitting intense prey drive. Tendency for wariness and aloofness with unfamiliar people when supervised properly by owners.

Can you train a American Leopard Hound to be a guard dog?

Independent thinking requires patient, persistent training techniques but protective instincts facilitate guarding capacity. Bonds closely with “pack” members allowing direction of territorial behavior.

Have American Leopard Hounds ever been used as guard dogs?

Developed by deliberate crossbreeding of scent hounds and greyhounds or whippets to synthesize size, speed and aggressiveness required for extensive terrain pursuit of dangerous quarry.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a American Leopard Hound as a guard dog?


  • Large and athletic appearance
  • Wary stance with strangers
  • Loyal pack mentality


  • Significant exercise needs
  • Strong prey drive
  • Disobedient without firm handling

Bred specifically for pursuing aggressive prey across vast and punishing terrain, the American Leopard Hound’s imposing muscle mass, wariness of unfamiliar people, loyalty and territorialism convert surprisingly well to guard dog roles.

Final Thoughts

Some lines retain exaggerated prey drives inappropriate around small pets or children. Ensure proper leadership role is established for owner to direct protective territorial behavior appropriately.

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