Do Beagles make good guard dogs?

No, the Beagle does not make a good guard dog. Their extremely friendly temperament combined with small size fails to deter intruders.

Are Beagles the right size to be guard dogs?

The Beagle is a compact hound standing under 15 inches tall, making them too small to physically intimidate trespassers.

Does a Beagle have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Beagles have an exceptionally genial, non-aggressive temperament. They lack natural protectiveness and tend to seek out affection from all people.

Can you train a Beagle to be a guard dog?

While intelligent, Beagles are challenging to obedience train and lack aptitude for specialized guarding roles. Their food obsession is very distracting.

Have Beagles ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally a British scenthound bred to give loud “tongue” when tracking rabbits and other small game animals while hunting.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Beagle as a guard dog?


  • Loud, frequent alarm barking
  • Usually pleasant, congenial attitude


  • Very small physical stature
  • Overly friendly with all people
  • Utterly non-aggressive

Despite providing auditory alarms through barking, Beagles thoroughly lack any imposing physical deterrent or willingness to confront intruders aggressively, which guard dogs require.

Final Thoughts

Beagles primarily follow appetites and scents rather than responsively obeying commands. This makes applying protective behaviors on cue quite difficult compared to more biddable breeds.

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