Do Beagliers make good guard dogs?

No, the tiny Beaglier’s incredibly friendly temperament and miniscule size thoroughly defeats any capacity to serve as a guard dog.

Are Beagliers the right size to be guard dogs?

Weighing under 15 pounds, the Beaglier lacks any physical capacity to intimidate or confront intruders. Their animated barking fails to deter.

Does a Beaglier have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Beagliers exhibit an extremely friendly disposition without any wariness or protective instincts towards strangers. They seek affection from all people rather than posing warnings.

Can you train a Beaglier to be a guard dog?

While lively, curious and vocal, Beagliers are not inclined towards training for protective guarding roles that would restrict their social, affection-seeking temperament.

Have Beagliers ever been used as guard dogs?

A deliberate hybrid between two historic scenthounds bred to vocally trail game rather than enforce boundaries, the Beaglier lacks any legacy purposefully cultivated for guarding capacity.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Beaglier as a guard dog?


  • Loud, frequent barking
  • Big personality in small package


  • Far too tiny to pose physical deterrent
  • Overly friendly with all people
  • No protective reactions

While the Beaglier may noisily announce visitors, their overtly welcoming behavior and inability to restrain threats radically undermines any credible guarding capacity beyond sounding alarms.

Final Thoughts

Some Beaglier lines show greater excitability amplifying their vocal objections. However without any imposing presence, their noises mostly signal their location rather than emit warnings.

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