Do Bedlington Whippets make good guard dogs?

No. The Bedlington Whippet’s small size and gentle temperament make them poorly suited as guard dogs.

Are Bedlington Whippets the right size to be guard dogs?

The Bedlington Whippet is a designer breed, usually weighing less than 30 pounds with a slender build. Their petite size does not intimidate.

Does a Bedlington Whippet have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Bedlington Whippets tend to be gentle, docile and friendly with new people. They lack protectiveness or suspicion of strangers.

Can you train a Bedlington Whippet to be a guard dog?

While energetic, the Bedlington Whippet’s distractable nature and mild temperament makes guard dog training very difficult. They are not inclined to aggressive roles.

Have Bedlington Whippets ever been used as guard dogs?

The Bedlington Whippet is a relatively new crossbreed with no history or use as a guard dog. Their lineage suggests poor suitability for this role.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Bedlington Whippet as a guard dog?


  • Lively and athletic
  • Affectionate nature


  • Tiny size
  • Too gentle and trusting
  • Not attentive

With their tiny stature, distractable nature and lack of aggression, the Bedlington Whippet fails to meet key attributes required in a guard dog.

Final Thoughts

The Bedlington Whippet thrives better at performance events allowing them to run rather than protective duties requiring confrontational instincts.

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