Do Belgian Shepherds make good guard dogs?

Yes. When appropriately handled, the Belgian Shepherd Dog utilizes their protective personality and attachment to owners to be reliable guard dogs.

Are Belgian Shepherds the right size to be guard dogs?

The Belgian Shepherd has a well-muscled, athletic build standing 22-26 inches tall in their variation (Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois, Tervuren). All reflect alertness.

Does a Belgian Shepherd have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Belgian Shepherds form an intense bond with their primary caretaker. Though suspicious of strangers, they are discerning and not prone to unwarranted aggression if socialized properly.

Can you train a Belgian Shepherd to be a guard dog?

The Belgian Shepherd is renowned for intelligence, trainability and willingness to work. This allows them to readily adapt to formal guard dog duties with proper leadership.

Have Belgian Shepherds ever been used as guard dogs?

The Belgian Shepherd originated in Belgium as a versatile farm dog used to guard property and livestock. Their protective abilities translate well to family guard dog roles.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Belgian Shepherd as a guard dog?


  • Strong protective instincts
  • Highly intelligent and trainable


  • Extensive grooming and shedding
  • Prone to separation anxiety

If properly managed and trained, the Belgian Shepherd’s loyalty, intelligence and wariness of strangers allows them to effectively use their natural protectiveness to guard their household and owners.

Final Thoughts

Belgian Shepherd dogs have high mental and physical exercise needs. Ensure children understand not to run and trigger their nipping instincts. Early socialization is a must.

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