Do Bernese Mountain Dogs make good guard dogs?

No. Though imposing in stature, Bernese Mountain Dogs lack the appropriate temperament for guard dog duties.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs the right size to be guard dogs?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have thick tricolored coats and sturdy frames that give them a powerful, imposing look. Males can weigh up to 115 pounds.

Does a Bernese Mountain Dog have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is known for a calm, faithful temperament. Most are outgoing and seek affection from strangers, lacking suspicion or protectiveness towards intruders.

Can you train a Bernese Mountain Dog to be a guard dog?

While eager to please owners, Bernese Mountain Dogs struggle with more complex training. Their friendly nature also makes them ill-disposed towards confronting strangers.

Have Bernese Mountain Dogs ever been used as guard dogs?

The Bernese Mountain Dog has its origins pulling carts in Switzerland. They were not used for protection or guarding purposes historically.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Bernese Mountain Dog as a guard dog?


  • Imposing physical stature


  • Too friendly and outgoing with strangers
  • Limited trainability for complex roles
  • No protective instinct

With an overly friendly and harmless personality combined with weaker guard dog trainability, the Bernese Mountain Dog lacks appropriate temperament and attributes for protective guardian roles despite their large size.

Final Thoughts

The Bernese Mountain Dog thrives better in cold weather tasks they were originally bred for like draft work rather than the confrontation required from guard dogs. Their friendly nature persists.

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