Do Bichon Yorkies make good guard dogs?

No, the Bichon Yorkie mix does not make a good guard dog.

Are Bichon Yorkies the right size to be guard dogs?

Bichon Yorkies have a petite, compact body, weighing less than 12 pounds. Their tiny size is not at all imposing or intimidating.

Does a Bichon Yorkie have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Bichon Yorkies tend to be very friendly, cheerful and affectionate. They love meeting new people and are not territorial.

Can you train a Bichon Yorkie to be a guard dog?

Bichon Yorkies are highly intelligent like their Yorkie parent and respond very well to training. But they lack any natural protective instincts.

Have Bichon Yorkies ever been used as guard dogs?

Neither the Bichon nor the Yorkshire Terrier were bred for guard duties. The Bichon Yorkie is strictly a companion dog.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Bichon Yorkie as a guard dog?


  • Playful and affectionate
  • Highly trainable and intelligent


  • Tiny size not intimidating
  • Too sociable and friendly
  • No guarding instincts

The Bichon Yorkie’s diminutive size, extreme friendliness and lack of protectiveness mean they do not make good guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

The Bichon Yorkie was developed strictly as a friendly companion pet. Their breeding makes them unfit as guard dogs despite trainability.

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