Do Border Collies make good guard dogs?

No, Border Collies do not tend to make good guard dogs.

Are Border Collies the right size to be guard dogs?

Lean and medium sized, Border Collies have an agile rather than imposing physique despite being athletic.

Does a Border Collie have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While extremely intelligent and trainable, Border Collies are not naturally protective or aggressive and tend to be neutral towards strangers.

Can you train a Border Collie to be a guard dog?

Border Collies excel at herding training but do not take naturally to protection roles out of breeding preference for a neutral temperament.

Have Border Collies ever been used as guard dogs?

Bred purely for sheep herding abilities. Border Collies work cooperatively with people and lack territorial mindsets or guarding history.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Border Collie as a guard dog?


  • Exceptional intelligence and trainability


  • Leaner build less intimidating
  • Lack protective instincts
  • Too neutral towards strangers

Bred specifically for cooperative herding work, Border Collies lack aggressive tendencies and protective instincts that conflict with their intended role, making them poorly suited as guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

The Border Collie’s extraordinary intelligence and trainability may create an exaggerated impression of their guarding suitability despite a temperament bred explicitly without aggression or territoriality.

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