Do Cavachons make good guard dogs?

No, Cavachons do not make good guard dogs.

Are Cavachons the right size to be guard dogs?

The Cavachon is a small Mixed breed, usually under 20 pounds. Their petite size and non-threatening appearance does not serve to deter potential intruders.

Does a Cavachon have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

The Cavachon has a very affectionate, cheerful, and gentle disposition, even with strangers. They actively enjoy meeting new people and lack wariness or territorial instincts.

Can you train a Cavachon to be a guard dog?

With their desire to please, Cavachons can readily learn basic obedience commands but their friendly nature makes it nearly impossible to nurture any sort of guarding temperament.

Have Cavachons ever been used as guard dogs?

Cavachons are strictly companion dogs and never used for protective purposes. Most serve purely as lapdogs and therapy pets given their sweet and docile personalities.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Cavachon as a guard dog?


  • Observant and alert


  • Tiny size
  • Extremely friendly with all
  • No territorial instincts

The Cavachon’s diminutive size, affectionate demeanor, and lack of protectiveness emphatically disqualifies them from being effective guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

Cavachons love people without discrimination. They have no conception of a threat and would welcome even the most dubious strangers into the home. Early socialization needed for skittishness.

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