Do Coton De Tulears make good guard dogs?

No, Coton de Tulears would be extremely poor guard dogs.

Are Coton De Tulears the right size to be guard dogs?

Cotons are small, fluffy companion dogs under 15 pounds. Their darling looks starkly contrast with imposing guard breeds.

Does a Coton de Tulear have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Cotons have a happy-go-lucky, outgoing personality. They thrive on constant human companionship over solitary guard work. Never aggressive.

Can you train a Coton de Tulear to be a guard dog?

Smart and eager to please owners, Cotons lack any wariness or protective instincts towards strangers essential for guarding.

Have Coton De Tulears ever been used as guard dogs?

Kept solely as companions for centuries, the Coton lacks any roles as a protection, defense or guard dog in history or modern times.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Coton de Tulear as a guard dog?


  • Sweet, Affectionate Nature
  • Adore Children


  • Tiny and Helpless Physically
  • No Protective Instincts Whatsoever
  • Loves All Humans

Between tiny size, helpless nature and overly trusting attitude towards all people, the Coton de Tulear fails on every practical and instinctual level at being an effective guard dog.

Final Thoughts

What Cotons lack in protective abilities, they make up for in velcro-like devotion. They thrive on constant human companionship and proximity.

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