Do Eurasiers make good guard dogs?

No, the Eurasier would not make a reliable guard dog.

Are Eurasiers the right size to be guard dogs?

Medium-sized, the Eurasier stands 18-22 inches tall and weighs around 40-70 pounds. Although athletic, their build prioritizes agility over brute strength.

Does a Eurasier have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Bred to be a companion, the calm yet alert Eurasier bonds closely with its family. They typically lack sharpness or suspicion around strangers though to be protective.

Can you train a Eurasier to be a guard dog?

Responsive and biddable, the bright Eurasier excels at obedience work. However developing the controlled aggression central to guard dog duties would be inappropriate for this family-oriented breed.

Have Eurasiers ever been used as guard dogs?

Developed in Germany, the even-tempered Eurasier was bred specifically as a companion rather than utilitarian protector. Most serve solely as pets and therapy dogs.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Eurasier as a guard dog?


  • Affectionate and calm housemate
  • Intelligent and trainable


  • Too accepting of strangers
  • Inappropriate aggression levels for bite work

With their moderate size but overt friendliness and placid temperament, the Eurasier lacks crucial guarding instincts. Attempting to develop them would contradict the breed’s devoted yet non-aggressive foundations as ideal housedogs.

Final Thoughts

The Eurasier’s strong bonding instinct and moderate activity needs make them well-suited to both families and retirees able to provide companionship.

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