Do Field Spaniels make good guard dogs?

No, the friendly Field Spaniel does not make a reliable guard dog.

Are Field Spaniels the right size to be guard dogs?

The Field Spaniel has a sturdy yet agile sporting build, standing 17-18 inches tall at the shoulder. Their medium size and physique is unimposing to intruders.

Does a Field Spaniel have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Field Spaniels form close bonds with their families. However, they tend to be trusting and sociable even with complete strangers. This friendly tolerance contradicts guarding traits.

Can you train a Field Spaniel to be a guard dog?

The biddable Field Spaniel is responsive to positive training methods and capable of learning numerous skills with persistence. However, protective aggression opposes their kindly nature.

Have Field Spaniels ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally developed as a British land spaniel, the Field Spaniel is mainly kept as a cheerful family companion and achieves best in dog sports rather than protection roles today.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Field Spaniel as a guard dog?


  • Affectionate and gentle
  • Athleticism and stamina


  • Too friendly with strangers
  • Timid around new stimuli
  • Prone to separation anxiety

With their moderate size, overt friendliness, and lack of wariness or suspicion around unfamiliar people, the kindly Field Spaniel is ill-suited for guarding. Most thrive as trusting sporting companions instead.

Final Thoughts

Field Spaniels require daily mental stimulation and exercise outlet. Without it, their high need for companionship can spur anxiety. A secured yard provides additional activity.

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