Do German Shepherds make good guard dogs?

Yes, the German Shepherd Dog makes an excellent guard dog.

Are German Shepherds the right size to be guard dogs?

The German Shepherd is a large, athletic dog originally bred for herding. Their size, speed, agility, and muscular build gives them ample capability to physically confront human intruders.

Does a German Shepherd have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Loyal, courageous, and highly intelligent, German Shepherds bond intently with their owners. They have strong territorial instincts, suspicion of strangers, and protective behaviors that lend themselves well to guard duty.

Can you train a German Shepherd to be a guard dog?

With their working dog heritage, motivation to please owners, intelligence and trainability, German Shepherds can readily be molded into formidable property and family protectors, announcing arrivals and deterring criminal activity through their presence alone.

Have German Shepherds ever been used as guard dogs?

Valued for their versatility, German Shepherds have successfully worked as military and police dogs, guides for the blind, search and rescue, and of course excel as guardians and watch dogs in households and private security roles protecting property.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a German Shepherd as a guard dog?


  • Ideal size, speed and strength
  • Intelligent and highly trainable
  • Strong guardian instincts


  • Shedding and grooming requirements
  • Socialization required to prevent overprotectiveness

The German Shepherd’s size, athleticism, intelligence, trainability, courage, loyalty, highly developed instincts make this breed an unparalleled guard dog candidate, able to be molded to deter, detain, and defend against intruders through appropriate training and handling.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the most versatile working breed ever developed due to intelligence, trainability, and sound temperament, the German Shepherd’s only shortcoming as a guard dog is their affection and willingness to accept strangers unless extensively socialized. Proper leadership and boundaries can readily transform their guardian instincts into controlled, appropriate protection.

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