Do Giant Schnauzers make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Giant Schnauzer can make an excellent guard dog.

Are Giant Schnauzers the right size to be guard dogs?

Giant Schnauzers have a large, imposing physique, muscular build, athleticism, aggression, and a commanding presence that intimidates intruders and deters most criminals from challenging them without provocation.

Does a Giant Schnauzer have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Steadfast, courageous, and hyperalert, Giant Schnauzers have an inherent wariness and suspicion of unfamiliar people and volatile aggression when threatened. However, this requires proper handling, training, and channeling to prevent overprotectiveness with their family.

Can you train a Giant Schnauzer to be a guard dog?

With the correct leadership Giant Schnauzers respond extremely well to obedience training, protection work and guard dog handling. Their high trainability paired with mental and physical capabilities for the work make them foremost amongst guard dog breeds with appropriate socialization.

Have Giant Schnauzers ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally bred in 17th century Germany as cattle droving dogs and versatile farm guardians protecting livestock and property from poachers, Giant Schnauzers retain superb guarding instincts today. They excel as police dogs, military dogs, and household guardians alerting to intruders and preventing criminal activities.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Giant Schnauzer as a guard dog?


  • Ideal larger size with athleticism
  • Courageous confrontation of threats
  • Superb temperament for training


  • Shedding and grooming requirements
  • Strong potential for overprotectiveness
  • Experienced owners only

The Giant Schnauzer’s commanding presence, mental acuity, and physical ability paired with a hardwired suspicion of strangers and situationally aggressive temperament contributes to their excellence as property guardians and defenders against unwanted human intruders when properly supervised and controlled.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the quintessential guardian breed, Giant Schnauzers demand owners prepared to provide structure, leadership, training reinforcement, and appropriate socialization to direct their protective proclivities into controlled, discriminate guarding rather than unwarranted aggression. Their temperament epitomizes the ideal in roles defending home and family.

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