Do Great Pyrenees make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Great Pyrenees makes an excellent livestock guardian and estate sentry dog.

Are Great Pyrenees the right size to be guard dogs?

Massive white-coated mountain dogs bred to deter predators, Great Pyrenees use both intimidation and confrontation judiciously to guard flock and home. Their nocturnal nature suits night watch duty.

Does a Great Pyrenees have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Highly independent and strong-willed, Great Pyrenees are trusting with “their” flock but suspicious and wary towards unfamiliar people, sounding alarm or taking action against perceived threats when necessary.

Can you train a Great Pyrenees to be a guard dog?

Great Pyrenees are selectively trainable – amenable to basic obedience but following their judgment on situational decisions, as fits their historical purpose. This independent judgment makes them superlative guardians.

Have Great Pyrenees ever been used as guard dogs?

Valued for centuries in the French and Spanish mountain regions as guardians, the Great Pyrenees continues to serve as protector of both livestock and estates today, combining attentiveness with good judgment.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Great Pyrenees as a guard dog?


  • Independent judgment
  • Fearsome bark and protective nature
  • Nocturnal guardian instincts


  • Notorious roamers requiring secure fencing
  • Stubbornness can frustrate training
  • Extensive grooming requirements

The Great Pyrenees has served for hundreds of years as a guard dog due to both its physical capacity to deter threats and its innate judgment about applying confrontation only when necessary. This combination makes the breed uniquely qualified as estate and livestock guardians.

Final Thoughts

Great Pyrenees require substantial space and must never be kept isolated from their flock or family. Their independence also mandates identification and secure fencing to prevent roaming. But their guardian judgment aptitude remains legendary and effective.

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