Do Havanese make good guard dogs?

No, the Havanese would be completely unsuitable as a guard dog.

Are Havanese the right size to be guard dogs?

A diminutive toy breed standing just 8-11 inches, the Havanese has a sturdy and lively demeanor but naturally lacks any semblance of physical intimidation factor towards strangers or intruders.

Does a Havanese have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

These active and affectionate lapdogs thrive on constant human companionship indoors. They are innately trusting and cheerful with everyone as part of their bred purpose to provide smiles. Stranger wariness lies contrary to their entire nature.

Can you train a Havanese to be a guard dog?

Responding well to trick training for comedy relief and home navigation, the Havanese excels at providing its people therapy benefits rather than displaying any capacity for outdoor territorial sentinel behaviors in inclement weather.

Have Havanese ever been used as guard dogs?

Prized as upbeat indoor companions, Havanese dogs retain a Cuban national dog stature. However, neither breeding history nor good-natured temperament suit these family-friendly toy dogs for protective or confrontational roles under any circumstances.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Havanese as a guard dog?


  • Outgoing, sunny personality
  • Thrives on indoor bonding


  • Far too small to deter threats
  • No guarding aptitude

The Havanese was developed purely as lively, comforting lapdog housemates for city families, whether in Cuba or apartments worldwide. Their petite size and innocent sociability utterly discount this breed from any remote capacity to serve in guard, protection, or territorial sentry roles relative to an estate.

Final Thoughts

Requiring indoor integration as doting family members, Havanese dogs thrive through constant companionship not independentoperation. To envision this charming toy breed as facing exterior threats in harsh weather constitutes irresponsible mistreatment given their breeding as warm, affectionate household confidantes.

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