Do Hovawarts make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Hovawart can make an effective estate guardian dog for families when properly raised, socialized, trained and managed.

Are Hovawarts the right size to be guard dogs?

Originally German guard and farm dogs, Hovawarts are big, powerful, intimidating dogs with natural watchfulness and protective territorial instincts. Males stand up to 28 inches tall.

Does a Hovawart have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

When properly supervised and channeled, loyal Hovawarts utilize discretion, forming close bonds yet remaining instinctively wary and protective regarding unfamiliar people approaching territory or family members left in their charge.

Can you train a Hovawart to be a guard dog?

Responding eagerly to alphaleadership and training tailored towards responsible protection roles, Hovawarts excel at discerning true threats when expectations are clearly communicated by experienced handlers. Their judgment can be trusted once bonded.

Have Hovawarts ever been used as guard dogs?

Valued by medieval German nobles to guard castle estates, Hovawarts continue to serve capably as family guardians today due to breeding selecting equally for steadfast temperament alongside vigilant territorial instincts spaning centuries.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Hovawart as a guard dog?


  • Imposing physical presence
  • Balanced temperament
  • Versatile working abilities


  • Can be challening for novice owners
  • Require extensive socialization

Possessing both brawn and brains with strong territorial instincts underlying a steadfastly faithful spirit, the mighty Hovawart has protected estates admirably for over 500 years, Transitioning effectively into family protection roles given experienced handling.

Final Thoughts

Hovawarts perform their guarding duties most effectively through forming intensely loyal bonds with handlers rather than operating independently. Their imposing presence and loud bark should give pause to potential intruders when established on patrolled territory.

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