Do Hungarian Pulis make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Puli can serve as an alert estate guardian utilizing its loud bark to signal intruders and agile quickness to evade harm while patrolling territory.

Are Hungarian Pulis the right size to be guard dogs?

A medium-sized Hungarian herder standing 16-18 inches tall, Pulis have a unique corded coat that obscures their athletic movement as they nimbly survey territory and rapidly close distance to startle unrecognized intruders.

Does a Hungarian Puli have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Pulis form intensely devoted bonds with their people yet hold aloof and wary attitudes towards strangers. They combine intelligent discretion with agility and speed in sounding alarms against encroachers through loud intimidating barking bouts to ward off threats.

Can you train a Hungarian Puli to be a guard dog?

Biddable and attentive to established handlers wishes, Pulis respond keenly to obedience cues and territorial boundary training from consistent owners, excelling at patrolling then sounding off warnings about trespassers to deter intrusions.

Have Hungarian Pulis ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally Hungarian sheep and cattle herders working in tandem with shepherds, contemporary Pulis retain focused attentiveness and loud vocal warnings that translate well to estate guardian roles through signaling owners to unrecognized encroachments.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Hungarian Puli as a guard dog?


  • Loud, frequent warning bark
  • Agile rapid movement capacity
  • Devoted bonds with handlers


  • Coat upkeep is demanding
  • Persistant barking can irritate neighbors

Bonding deeply with owners while remaining suspicious of strangers, the alert Hungarian Puli serves as an active estate patroler providing loud warning barks about encroaching threats. Though too small for physical confrontations, Pulis are ideal at perimeter sentinel duties signaling alarms.

Final Thoughts

Pulis demand inclusion in family activities and plenty of daily exercised mingled with obedience training reinforcement. Secure fencing is mandatory to prevent roaming escapes. Provided proper handling, Pulis utilize their loud voice effectively to sound warnings while avoiding direct altercations.

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