Do Irish Setters make good guard dogs?

No, the Irish Setter does not serve guard dog roles effectively despite high affection towards human handlers when suitably occupied.

Are Irish Setters the right size to be guard dogs?

An elegant gun dog bred for endurance across vast Irish upland terrain while locating gamebirds for hunters, Irish Setters have lean yet muscular athletic builds standing 25-27 inches tall ideal for speed and agile movement.

Does a Irish Setter have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Demonstrating high eagerness to please paired with animated enthusiasm, Irish Setters crave constant positive interaction and affection from people over wariness or protective territorial instincts toward unfamiliar humans near home spaces.

Can you train a Irish Setter to be a guard dog?

Responding wonderfully to reinforcement around fieldwork, Irish Setters are less easily motivated by protective premised training that runs counter to accepting all friendly human attention and interaction. Guarding contradicts their ultra-social temperament.

Have Irish Setters ever been used as guard dogs?

Developed to energetically range far locating birds then indicate quarry positions enthusiastically to handlers for gunshots, the breed today still excels at focus-driven activities alongside beloved owners over distrusting strange people unless specifically trained.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Irish Setter as a guard dog?


  • Eager to please temperament
  • Thrives on affection


  • Overexuberance
  • No inherent protection proclivity

Although forging strong affectionate bonds with handlers when active together, Irish Setters innately gravitate towards seeking friendly interactions with unfamiliar people over exhibiting territorial defensiveness or wariness towards strange humans unless extensively trained.

Final Thoughts

Requiring abundant attention and activity outlets daily, the people-focused Irish Setter functions best when kept productively busy alongside families, retaining their fieldwork legacy emphasis on bonding enthusiatically over guarding premises.

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