Do Jacktzus make good guard dogs?

No. The Jacktzu’s small size and overly friendly, non-protective temperament contrast sharply with appropriate guard dog capabilities despite the hybrid’s alert devotion to owners.

Are Jacktzus the right size to be guard dogs?

Typically under 1 foot tall and weighing 8-15 pounds, Jacktzus lack imposing physicality necessary to intimidate threats as guard dogs even if their bark belies size.

Does a Jacktzu have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Jacktzus form close bonds with owners and eagerly alert them to noises but have friendly outgoing temperaments lacking wariness or aggression toward strangers unsuited to protective roles.

Can you train a Jacktzu to be a guard dog?

Smart and eager to please Jacktzus can learn to vocally announce visitors but lack intimidating presence and protective instincts to confront threats that characterize guard dog suitability.

Have Jacktzus ever been used as guard dogs?

A modern designer hybrid prized for affectionate, lively personality as lapdogs and companions rather than developed from breeds with guarding abilities.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Jacktzu as a guard dog?


  • Lively and friendly
  • Alert and vocal
  • Eager to please owners


  • Very small size
  • Not protective with strangers
  • No intimidating physicality
  • While devoted to owners and vocal watchdogs, Jacktzus’ tiny size paired with overly friendly temperament toward strangers contrast with appropriate protective behavior expected from intimidating guard dog breeds.

    Final Thoughts

    Jacktzus thrive on extensive human interaction. Despite limitations as guard dogs, their lively, affectionate personality makes them wonderful family and companion pets.

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