Do Japanese Chins make good guard dogs?

No. The Japanese Chin’s diminutive size, affectionate companion temperament and delicate build are poorly matched for the protective demands expected of intimidating guard dog breeds.

Are Japanese Chins the right size to be guard dogs?

Usually under 10 inches tall and weighing just 4-7 pounds, Japanese Chins are tiny dogs lacking the physical imposingness needed to deter or confront threats as guard dogs.

Does a Japanese Chin have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Japanese Chins form close bonds with owners but have gentle, affectionate personalities lacking protective territorial instincts or wariness of strangers typical of guard dog temperament.

Can you train a Japanese Chin to be a guard dog?

Moderately challenging to train, Japanese Chins are responsive but too diminutive and gentle to pose aggression that facilitates guard dog training despite their close devotion to their people.

Have Japanese Chins ever been used as guard dogs?

Bred solely as affectionate companion lap dogs for centuries in Japanese nobility rather than fulfilling any working or protective roles expected of guard dogs.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Japanese Chin as a guard dog?


  • Sweet, affectionate nature
  • Compact size suited for apartments
  • Minimal shedding


  • Tiny, non-intimidating size
  • Delicate, fragile build
  • Non-protective temperament

Between tiny toy breed size lacking intimidation, delicate build vulnerable to injury from confrontation, and gentle companion temperament contrasting guard dog aggression, the Japanese Chin fails on all fronts at suitability for guard dog roles.

Final Thoughts

The Japanese Chin’s loving, companionable personality excels at being a constant affectionate shadow and lap warmer for owners rather than displaying protective guarding instincts. Early socialization is vital.

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