Do Japanese Shibas make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Japanese Shiba Inu can make an effective guard dog. Their devotion, loud bark and wariness of strangers aid protective abilities despite moderate size.

Are Japanese Shibas the right size to be guard dogs?

The Shiba Inu is a compact, agile dog that is bold and sturdy for their modest size in the 25-30 pound range. They use voice to amplify presence.

Does a Japanese Shiba have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

This ancient Japanese breed bonds deeply to owners and can be aggressive with strangers. They are territorial and will vocalize warnings readily when alerts are raised.

Can you train a Japanese Shiba to be a guard dog?

Shibas are moderately trainable but strong-willed. Their natural wariness and devotion can translate well to guarding roles with firm, experienced handling and socialization.

Have Japanese Shibas ever been used as guard dogs?

Prized for centuries in Japanese culture as a hunter and guardian. Retains wariness of strangers; loud bark and focus on owners aid watchdog abilities. Fiercely defends home turf.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Japanese Shiba as a guard dog?


  • Territorial instincts
  • Loud, shrill bark as warning
  • Very devoted to home and family


  • Willful, moderately trainable
  • Shedding year-round
  • Prone to prey drive

What the compact Shiba Inu may lack in size, they compensate through intense territorial barking, swiftness to sound alarms and fierce devotion protecting home that make this ancient Japanese breed an effective guard dog today.

Final Thoughts

Shibas bond deeply to main caretaker in household. With ample socialization to curb aggression and experienced handling of their spirited willful nature, Shibas can properly learn to differentiate threats as guard dogs.

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