Do Japanese Spitz make good guard dogs?

No. The Japanese Spitz lacks suitable size, strength or aggressive protective temperament expected of intimidating guard dog breeds even if their wariness and bark readily serve watchdog roles.

Are Japanese Spitz the right size to be guard dogs?

Usually standing 12-15 inches tall and weighing 15-25 pounds, the Japanese Spitz’s moderate size lacks intimidating imposingness crucial as visual deterrent.

Does a Japanese Spitz have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While devoted and willing to please owners, Japanese Spitz tend to be gentle companion dogs better suited as watchdogs than guard dogs. They vocalize to threats but don’t convey necessary aggression.

Can you train a Japanese Spitz to be a guard dog?

Moderately challenging to train, the Japanese Spitz is alert and wary but too small and genial to pose substantial physical confrontation or aggression that facilitates true guard dog traits.

Have Japanese Spitz ever been used as guard dogs?

Bred primarily as companion dogs rather than for hunting, guarding or working roles where protective aggression would be more ingrained in ancestral lineages.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Japanese Spitz as a guard dog?


  • Vocal tendency at intruders
  • Wariness of strangers
  • Affectionate nature


  • Moderate size lacks intimidation
  • Too friendly with strangers
  • Not protective beyond barking

While the Japanese Spitz’s watchdog instincts cause this breed to readily bark warnings at unusual noises, their moderate size paired with excessively genial temperament inhibits ability to serve as imposing, aggressive guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

Where the Japanese Spitz falls short as a guard dog, their lively, devoted personality allows them to thrive as loyal companion pets. Extensive early exposure to stimuli will help reduce tendency toward over-vocalization.

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