Do Johnson American Bulldogs make good guard dogs?

Yes. When properly trained and socialized, the Johnson American Bulldog’s imposing muscular size, physical power, territorial nature and protectiveness make them ideal intimidating guard dogs.

Are Johnson American Bulldogs the right size to be guard dogs?

The Johnson American Bulldog is a powerfully built athletic breed with sturdy bone, weighing 60-120 lbs. Raw strength and size aid confronting threats and contribute intimidation factor as guard dogs.

Does a Johnson American Bulldog have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Johnson American Bulldogs form close bonds with their people. They have confident temperaments with behavioral expectations from owners to guide appropriate training for territorial guarding not aggression.

Can you train a Johnson American Bulldog to be a guard dog?

This bright, loyal breed aims to please and responds very well to firm, experienced leadership that contours their territorial protective instincts toward making them formidable guard dogs over attack dogs.

Have Johnson American Bulldogs ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally utilized on farms as livestock guardians. Strength and territorial instincts still employed today for estate guarding roles. Protective nature shines most with strong direction.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Johnson American Bulldog as a guard dog?


  • Commanding size and strength
  • Athletic and energetic
  • Territorial instincts aid guarding
  • Cons

    • Shedding and grooming needs
    • Dog aggression common

    With thorough guidance and boundaries set by a confident owner, the Johnson American Bulldog’s physical power, territorial instincts and desire to please combine to allow this breed to serve capably as imposing yet discerning guard dogs for property and family.

    Final Thoughts

    The Johnson American Bulldog bonds closely and needs direction to balance protective territorial instincts with safe appropriateness. Firm leadership and extensive exposure to situations allows them to differentiate threats reliably as guard dogs.

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