Do Korean Jindos make good guard dogs?

Yes, Korean Jindos exhibit the loyalty, bravery, territorial instincts and athleticism needed to serve as effective property and home guard dogs.

Are Korean Jindos the right size to be guard dogs?

Medium in size but sturdily built, Jindos are surprisingly muscular dogs with great stamina suited for sustained guard duties. Their double coat provides solid insulation in all weather.

Does a Korean Jindo have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Jindos are intensely loyal family dogs, but also highly suspicious and loud in warning when strangers encroach their territory. They are bold, fearless, and ready to confront threats.

Can you train a Korean Jindo to be a guard dog?

Smart and eager to please owners, Jindos take well to guard dog training that directs their territorial barking/lunging instincts into appropriate controlled responses instead.

Have Korean Jindos ever been used as guard dogs?

On remote Korean islands for centuries, Jindos sounded alarms when unwanted strangers appeared. Today they still exhibit their loud territorial barking, courageous nature and protectiveness of property.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Korean Jindo as a guard dog?


  • Fearless nature
  • Loyal guarding instincts
  • Athleticism and stamina


  • Extensive barking
  • Suspiciousness of strangers
  • High prey drive

The Jindo’s territorial barking, protectiveness of property, loyalty, bold nature and athletic build make this Asian breed well-qualified to serve as guard dogs for households and farms. Early socialization is key.

Final Thoughts

In addition to major socialization needs, Jindos have high exercise requirements and a strong prey drive towards small animals that must be managed.

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