Do Labrador Retrievers make good guard dogs?

No, the famously friendly Labrador Retriever does not make a good guard dog. They lack natural protectiveness, intimidating physicality, suspicion of strangers and territorial barking.

Are Labrador Retrievers the right size to be guard dogs?

Athletic and muscularly built yet more lean than stocky, Labradors lack the imposing physical presence that deters intruders. Their friendly eyes and body language also undermine their potential menace.

Does a Labrador Retriever have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Extremely affectionate, upbeat and welcoming towards all people, Labradors do not have an ounce of natural suspicion, territoriality or protective aggression to fuel guarding behavior.

Can you train a Labrador Retriever to be a guard dog?

Even well-trained Labs that are obedient and bonded with owners will fail at true guard dog duties because they lack the wariness of strangers and protective instincts when threats arise.

Have Labrador Retrievers ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally used by fishermen to retrieve nets and catch, the ever-friendly Lab still specializes in hunting assistance, explosive detection and service roles – not protection or guarding.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Labrador Retriever as a guard dog?


  • Friendly nature
  • High trainability
  • Athleticism and stamina


  • No wariness of strangers
  • Non-territorial
  • Non-protective/aggressive

With their incredibly sociable, non-territorial temperament, Labrador Retrievers do not make effective guard dogs to rely on for property security or stranger detection.

Final Thoughts

Labradors need significant exercise and stimulation. Without it, they are prone to obesity and destructive chewing habits.

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