Do Lancashire Heelers make good guard dogs?

Yes, the alert, responsive Lancashire Heeler has strong protective and territorial instincts combined with quick action against intruders that make this breed an ideal guard dog.

Are Lancashire Heelers the right size to be guard dogs?

A small yet powerfully built breed, the Lancashire Heeler exhibits surprising strength and speed when springing into action to investigate disturbances or confront threats around their home.

Does a Lancashire Heeler have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Heelers bond deeply with family while remaining wary and vocal when strangers trespass on their territory. They will bark loudly and even herd, nip and chase away intruders with great zeal.

Can you train a Lancashire Heeler to be a guard dog?

Thanks to high intelligence, trainability and strong desire to please owners, Lancashire Heelers take well to guard dog training that further sharpens their natural protective abilities.

Have Lancashire Heelers ever been used as guard dogs?

Lancashire Heelers originated as farm dogs that used vocal warnings, agility and nipping actions to protect homes and herd cattle away from dangerous areas. These guarding abilities translate well for today’s households looking for a watchful protector.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Lancashire Heeler as a guard dog?


  • Territorial instincts
  • Vocal warnings
  • Mental and physical agility


  • Herding nips towards strangers
  • Barking and wariness issues
  • Prey drive towards smaller animals

Don’t underestimate the petite but powerful Lancashire Heeler. With lightning-fast reflexes, loud vocal warnings, protectiveness and devotion to family, they have all the attributes of an ideal guard dog.

Final Thoughts

Lancashire Heelers have demanding exercise needs. Extensive early socialization combined with guard training keeps territorial barking and nipping firmly in check around strangers.

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