Do Lhasa Apsos make good guard dogs?

Yes, the alert and observant Lhasa Apso has excellent guarding instincts despite its small size, willing to confidently confront threats thanks to boldness and devotion protecting those they love.

Are Lhasa Apsos the right size to be guard dogs?

Weighing 13-15 pounds on average, Lhasas are small but sturdy companion dogs, with good speed and agility responses to perceived threats around territory. Their long coat protects against minor injuries.

Does a Lhasa Apso have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While gentle and affectionate towards family members, Lhasas remain highly suspicious and vocal towards unfamiliar people. They serve as excellent watch dogs, sounding loud intruder alarms at any disturbance.

Can you train a Lhasa Apso to be a guard dog?

Lhasas are highly intelligent and aim to please, making training simple. Their natural territorial barking and protectiveness transfers well to guard dog training reinforcing controlled responses.

Have Lhasa Apsos ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally bred to guard Buddhist monasteries and palaces in Tibet, today’s Lhasa retains a sharp watchful eye and loud voice to warn of intruders, signaling their devotion as guardians no matter the size.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Lhasa Apso as a guard dog?


  • Loud warning bark
  • Fearless devotion
  • Highly observant nature


  • Constant shedding and grooming needs
  • Wariness of strangers
  • Potential aggression issues

Despite its compact size, the Lhasa Apso possesses keen observational skills and the loud voice, fearless nature, protectiveness and devotion that make this breed an excellent household guard dog.

Final Thoughts

Lhasa Apsos require extensive grooming and shed constantly. Socialization must begin early and use positive training methods to reduce territorial aggression towards unfamiliar people.

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