Do Northern Inuits make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Northern Inuit Dog possesses the ideal combination of physical imposingness, loyal devotion to family, wariness of strangers, trainability, and weather hardy athleticism to serve as an excellent guard dog able to protect home and kin living in colder climates.

Are Northern Inuits the right size to be guard dogs?

A Husky-like working breed weighing between 75-175 pounds developed by breeders in the United Kingdom to embody dire wolf traits, the Northern Inuit Dog has a muscular yet lean, athletic build conveying strength and stamina allowing them to actively confront threats as needed to defend their territory. Their thick double coat provides insulation from the cold facilitating guarding capacity in frigid winter weather. Their medium-large size coupled with upright ears, long muzzle and bushy tail results in an imposing wolf-like appearance that can give unsavory strangers pause.

Does a Northern Inuit have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While outgoing and affectionate towards family – especially children who they tend to guard closely – Northern Inuit Dogs remain suspicious and protective around unfamiliar people. They are highly intelligent with an independent nature selective about following commands unless specifically trained. Their devotion and obedience reserved for family and aloofness with strangers makes them ideal discriminating guardians.

Can you train a Northern Inuit to be a guard dog?

Attentive and dedicated when bonded with a master, Northern Inuit Dogs respond very well to structured obedience training and guard dog reinforcement from an early age nurturing their inborn loyalty, suspicion of intruders and protective instincts into disciplined skills exercised judiciously on command rather than randomly. Clear, firm leadership is essential however to achieve reliability and desired control.

Have Northern Inuits ever been used as guard dogs?

Purposefully bred by British enthusiasts in the 1980s to recreate the temperament, appearance and abilities of mythical dire wolves from Game of Thrones stories, Northern Inuit Dogs were developed specifically to handle outdoor life, display loyalty only towards their human pack while remaining suspicious outsiders, and serve as devoted companions and guardians unfazed by the cold. Their fictional inspiration serves as a fictional example.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Northern Inuit as a guard dog?


  • Physically imposing
  • Doesn’t mind cold weather
  • Wary around strangers


  • Shedding requires diligent grooming
  • Independent nature demands patient training

Breeders successfully combined Siberian Husky and German Shepherd traits to develop the Northern Inuit Dog as an athletic, weather-hardy, devoted family guardian displaying wariness around strangers and protective instincts able to be nurtured into fully reliable guarding capacities through structured training programs implemented from puppyhood.

Final Thoughts

Requiring stout fencing and considerable exercise outlet, Northern Inuit ownership also entails daily brushing to contain substantial shedding. Early extensive socialization ensures they differentiate between threats versus guests. Patient repetitive training is also vital to nurture their potential into discriminate protection rather than innate wariness driving inappropriate aggressive reactions towards unfamiliar people.

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