Do Norwegian Buhunds make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Norwegian Buhund’s innate wariness of strangers coupled with their energetic athleticism, vocal tendencies, herding instincts and trainability allow them to serve as very capable property guard dogs using their loud barking as intimidating deterrents and relying on agility to investigate disturbances when commanded rather than employing aggressive contact interventions themselves.

Are Norwegian Buhunds the right size to be guard dogs?

A medium-sized Nordic spitz-type breed, Norwegian Buhunds weigh 26-40 pounds. While lacking the larger imposing size of breeds like Mastiffs, Norwegian Buhunds do possess lean muscular frames, upright ears, curled tails and thick furry coats projecting a wolf-like image that can give intruders hesitation when combined with their loud barking. Their athleticism and agility allows them to energetically patrol properties and respond to threats swiftly when trained to do so.

Does a Norwegian Buhund have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Naturally wary and protective of their home turf, Norwegian Buhunds remain fiercely loyal to their families while suspicious of strangers. Early and extensive socialization is imperative however to avoid overreactions and reinforce distinguishing unwanted trespassers from allowed guests. They bond deeply with their humans and aim to please them while banding together if challenged by outsiders.

Can you train a Norwegian Buhund to be a guard dog?

Eager to satisfy their owners, Norwegian Buhunds respond extremely well to early obedience training and guard dog reinforcement that nurtures their territorial barking tendencies and agility into controlled warning behaviors alerting households of intrusions without exhibiting unnecessary aggression themselves. They take well to patrolling commands also when properly exercised and managed.

Have Norwegian Buhunds ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally bred as herding dogs adept at using their loud barks to control livestock, Norwegian Buhunds demonstrate a natural capacity to apply their vocal warnings, athleticism and working drive towards protecting home territories and alarming households of trespassers or intruders in a guard dog capacity – making them able substitutes for larger more aggressive breeds in these roles.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Norwegian Buhund as a guard dog?


  • Loud territorial barkers
  • High energy
  • Athleticism and agility


  • Extensive grooming required
  • Socialization imperative

After proper socialization and guard training nurturing their intense barking, Norwegian Buhunds utilize strong territorial instincts, swift agility and loud authoritative barking to serve as able protective deterents patrolling territories and warning households about trespassers rather than acting as aggressive first contact guard dogs themselves.

Final Thoughts

Requiring vigorous exercise outlet and mental stimulation daily, Norwegian Buhunds also need extensive brushing to manage heavy seasonal shedding. Establishing leadership and teaching engage/disengage cues helps facilitate discriminatory protection capacities distinguishing between harmless guests and unwanted intruders.

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