Do Norwich Terriers make good guard dogs?

No, Norwich Terriers would not make good guard dogs.

Are Norwich Terriers the right size to be guard dogs?

Norwich Terriers are small, compact dogs that, while energetic, could not pose any real physical deterrent to an intruder nor comfortably withstand human aggression.

Does a Norwich Terrier have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While lively and sometimes excitable in temperament, Norwich Terriers tend to be friendly towards new people. They are keen watch dogs and will announce visitors vocally, but are not suited for protective guard dog roles.

Can you train a Norwich Terrier to be a guard dog?

Norwich Terriers are highly intelligent and trainability overall. However attempting to tap into territorial guarding behaviors would go against their benign character, despite their working terrier background.

Have Norwich Terriers ever been used as guard dogs?

Norwich Terriers were originally bred as ratters and companions. They have no history of being used for guarding or protective purposes, unsurprising given their small size.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Norwich Terrier as a guard dog?


  • Vocal watch dogs
  • Friendly breed


  • Small stature
  • Not intimidating
  • Too friendly

While lively and alert, Norwich Terriers’ tiny size, benign temperament towards strangers, and lack of territorial instincts preclude them from being effective guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

As mainly companion dogs today, Norwich Terriers thrive best in an environment where they receive plenty of attention and interaction from their family.

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