Do Papillons make good guard dogs?

No, Papillons would be unsuitable as guard dogs.

Are Papillons the right size to be guard dogs?

Papillons are toy dogs weighing 5-10 pounds. Their extremely small stature could not intimidate intruders nor allow them to physically defend a household in any capacity.

Does a Papillon have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Papillons tend to be highly social, outgoing and lively. They actively enjoy interacting with new people. While quick to alert bark, they are friendly versus suspicious in temperament by nature.

Can you train a Papillon to be a guard dog?

Papillons are highly trainable and can master many advanced skills. However attempting to tap into any protective guarding instincts would go entirely against this toy breed’s character.

Have Papillons ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally bred as companion lap dogs for European nobility, the Papillon has no history or purpose related to guarding, defense, or territorial abilities due to its tiny size.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Papillon as a guard dog?


  • Lively and alert
  • Intelligent and trainable


  • Miniscule size unsuitable for guarding
  • No protective instincts

Weighing under 10 pounds, Papillon’s tiny stature itself precludes this breed from guarding duty or deterring intruders. Their highly social temperament further distances them from suitability as guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

Papillons thrive on close companionship andinteractive games. Without sufficient engagement and time with their family, they are prone to anxiety and nuisance barking.

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