Do Picardy Sheepdogs make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Picardy Sheepdog can make an effective guard dog.Their protective instincts originated from guarding flocks against wolves and intruders.

Are Picardy Sheepdogs the right size to be guard dogs?

A large, powerfully built herding breed weighing 70-80 pounds, the Picardy Sheepdog has an intimidating physical presence that can deter intruders.

Does a Picardy Sheepdog have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Picardies bond closely with their family while remaining suspicious and aloof towards strangers. They actively alert bark at night around their property and will confront threats if they feel their flock is jeopardized.

Can you train a Picardy Sheepdog to be a guard dog?

As working herding dogs developed to think independently while guarding flocks, Picardies can be stubborn but respond well to confident leadership and bonding with their guardian. Their guarding aptitude is strong.

Have Picardy Sheepdogs ever been used as guard dogs?

Used historically to guard sheep and farmsteads at night in northern France, the Picardy retains their supreme flock-guarding abilities today, translating seamlessly into property and family guard dog roles.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Picardy Sheepdog as a guard dog?


  • Commanding size and presence
  • Protective instincts
  • Self-assured and courageous


  • Wary of strangers
  • Independent thinker

With strong historical guarding lineage bolstered by an imposing physique and wary temperament around outsiders, the Picardy Sheepdog’s natural protective abilities can be readily shaped into an ideal property guardian.

Final Thoughts

Picardy Sheepdogs acclimate best as outdoor dogs, and require space to roam plus regular intense exercise to satisfy their active herding breed needs.

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