Do Portuguese Podengos make good guard dogs?

No, Portuguese Podengos would not make good guard dogs. Bred as pack hunters of small game, Podengos are too social by nature to exhibit necessary protective suspicion of strangers.

Are Portuguese Podengos the right size to be guard dogs?

An athletic yet lightly built breed weighing 15-22 pounds that stands just 16-20 inches tall, the Podengo lacks intimidating physicality or musculature for confrontations.

Does a Portuguese Podengo have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Energetic and affectionate by nature, Podengos form close bonds with their families. However they tend to actively solicit attention from strangers as well, lacking sharper guarding aptitudes.

Can you train a Portuguese Podengo to be a guard dog?

Graceful athletes that enjoy periods of intense focus but can lose interest in repetitive training exercises, attempting to tap inherent guarding instincts would contradict the breed’s temperament.

Have Portuguese Podengos ever been used as guard dogs?

Used historically across Portugal and its former colonies strictly to hunt small game in packs, Podengos exhibit no lineage or purpose related to territorial defense or intimidation behaviours.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Portuguese Podengo as a guard dog?


  • Agile and energetic
  • Affectionate with family


  • Unable to physically deter
  • Too social with strangers

Despite affection towards their people, Portuguese Podengos have been bred across centuries exclusively as nimble hunting pack dogs. As a result they lack key behavioural attributes like wariness that enable dogs to be successful as property guardians.

Final Thoughts

Requiring intense daily exercise outlets to satisfy high energy innate to their sporting breed purpose, Podengos thrive when their athleticism and enthusiasm find a regular positive release.

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