Do Portuguese Water Dogs make good guard dogs?

No, Portuguese Water Dogs would not make ideal guard dogs. Despite intelligence and protectiveness, their trusting nature and non-threatening presence make them better suited for companion roles.

Are Portuguese Water Dogs the right size to be guard dogs?

A medium-sized muscular breed weighing 35-60 pounds, the Portuguese Water Dog lacks intimidating size or physical presence to effectively deter intruders without aggression.

Does a Portuguese Water Dog have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While bonded and protective of their family, Portuguese Water Dogs tend to be trusting and upbeat with strangers. They may vocally announce visitors but lack sharp guarding instincts beyond that.

Can you train a Portuguese Water Dog to be a guard dog?

Highly responsive to their handler and dedicated training regimens thanks to intelligence, work ethic and eagerness to please. However protective territorial behaviors contradict their friendly breeding.

Have Portuguese Water Dogs ever been used as guard dogs?

Bred originally to aid Portuguese fishermen by corralling fish and retrieving broken nets, this water-loving worker has no historical lineage or purpose related to guarding or intimidation tactics.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Portuguese Water Dog as a guard dog?


  • Athleticism and stamina
  • Eager to please nature


  • Underwhelming physical deterrence
  • Overly friendly temperament

Between muscular athleticism yet lack of imposing presence, and extreme sociability with strangers contradicting suspicion, the Portuguese Water Dog has been carefully bred across centuries emphasizing working drive – not protective guarding attributes.

Final Thoughts

As high energy retrievers bred to spend all day swimming and assisting fishermen, Portuguese Water Dogs thrive most when given vigorous daily exercise and a purposeful job or activity.

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