Do Rottweilers make good guard dogs?

Yes, with proper training and channeling of inherent traits, Rottweilers can make ideal guard dogs. They boast intimidating presence, territorial instincts, trainability, and fearless protective devotion towards their people.

Are Rottweilers the right size to be guard dogs?

Large powerful breeds weighing 80-135 lbs, Rottweilers possess substantial bulk and musculature that contribute to an inherently intimidating presence, ideal for deterrence duties.

Does a Rottweiler have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While extremely affectionate with their own family, Rottweilers tend to be suspicious towards strangers and wary of unfamiliar dogs. Their loyalty and protectiveness is legend.

Can you train a Rottweiler to be a guard dog?

Rottweilers aim to please their owners and respond exceedingly well to dedicated training programs that positively reinforce desired guarding behaviors. This channels their strengths appropriately.

Have Rottweilers ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally used to drive cattle to market and guard money purses across Germany, Rottweilers have peerless legacy as property and livestock guardians that lend themselves exceptionally towards family protection roles.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Rottweiler as a guard dog?


  • Commanding size and physique
  • Protective instincts
  • Eagerness to please owners


  • Shedding
  • Strong-willed

Possessing generation-spanning background as guardians, Rottweilers showcase ideal attributes – imposing physicality, territorial instincts, trainability and fearless protective devotion – for successful transition towards guarding home and family.

Final Thoughts

Rottweilers thrive when given the firm guidance, dedicated training and vigorous daily exercise their working breed background and protective roles demand from competent leadership they can respect.

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