Do Rough Collies make good guard dogs?

No, Rough Collies tend to have a gentle temperament that does not lend itself well to guard dog roles.

Are Rough Collies the right size to be guard dogs?

The Rough Collie is a medium to large herding dog, with an elegant, lithe frame rather than an imposing physique.

Does a Rough Collie have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Bred as herding dogs, Rough Collies tend to be very loyal but also gentle and sensitive by nature. They lack protective instincts toward strangers.

Can you train a Rough Collie to be a guard dog?

Rough Collies are highly responsive to training and aim to please their owners. However, their mild temperaments do not incline them to perceiving people as threats.

Have Rough Collies ever been used as guard dogs?

Collies have a long history as faithful farm and herding dogs, but not as guardians. Their gentle nature allows them to work cooperatively with strangers rather than viewing them as dangers.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Rough Collie as a guard dog?


  • Responsive and obedient nature
  • Devoted to families


  • Gentle temperament unsuited to guarding
  • May herd children instead of protecting them

The intrinsic gentle nature of the Rough Collie makes them devoted companions but precludes them from effectiveness as guard dogs who must be able to perceive and address threats.

Final Thoughts

Rough Collies will loudly announce visitors but are unlikely to display genuine protective behaviors beyond alarm barking. Their herding instincts may also prove problematic with children.

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