Do Schnoodles make good guard dogs?

No. The Schnoodle’s affable, people-oriented temperament makes them unsuitable as guard dogs despite intelligence and trainability.

Are Schnoodles the right size to be guard dogs?

Schnoodles are medium-sized companion dog hybrids lacking intimidating physicality, but with appealing shaggy coats and animated faces.

Does a Schnoodle have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

As hybrid companion dogs, Schnoodles aim to please and typically inherit a moderate, engaging temperament rather than wariness or aloofness with strangers.

Can you train a Schnoodle to be a guard dog?

Schnoodles are bright and respond well to training owing to the intelligence of both Poodle and Schnauzer parent breeds. However their amicable temperament does not incline them towards guarding behaviors.

Have Schnoodles ever been used as guard dogs?

Schnoodles are a popular modern hybrid breed valued more as companions and therapy dogs than guards. They lack breed-defining protection traits.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Schnoodle as a guard dog?


  • Friendly, engaging attitude
  • Eager to please owners


  • Overly friendly with strangers
  • Lack of territorial protective instincts

The inheritable part-Schnauzer lineage of the Schnoodle may confer alertness, but does not overcome their overtly amiable attitude that renders them unsuitable as guard dogs.

Final Thoughts

Some Schnoodles display a willingness to announce visitors enthusiastically. Care is required to prevent over-exuberance and jumping up. Regular grooming of their coat is essential.

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