Do Shar Peis make good guard dogs?

Yes, though better suited as watch dogs, Shar Peis’ strong territorialism, devotion to family and often suspicious nature can allow them to effectively guard.

Are Shar Peis the right size to be guard dogs?

Though medium-sized, Shar Peis’ stocky bulk coupled with loose wrinkled skin provides a unique, intimidating physical aspect enhanced by often bristling their fur when suspicious.

Does a Shar Pei have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Originally guard dogs in ancient China, Shar Peis bond intensely to family while remaining aloof or wary of strangers. Their territorialism and fighting history contribute guarding ability but also aggression potential.

Can you train a Shar Pei to be a guard dog?

Independent minded and strong willed, Shar Pei guard training must emphasize positive methods. Their devotion and protectiveness of home and family can be effectively cultivated by an experienced trainer.

Have Shar Peis ever been used as guard dogs?

Valued in China since Han Dynasty times as guardians and dog fighters, the Shar Pei reputation of being as dangerous “inside the gates” as outside aptly describes their sanctity of territory and home.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Shar Pei as a guard dog?


  • Formidable and unusual physical presence
  • Strong territorial instincts


  • Dog aggression is common
  • Independent nature complicates training

The Shar Pei stands out even among mastiff breeds for independent thinking coupled with extreme protectiveness towards family – making them stalwart guards if properly managed to prevent unwarranted aggression.

Final Thoughts

Extensive early socialization is essential for Shar Peis. Multi-dog homes are also inadvisable given their heightened tendency towards dog aggression issues.

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