Do Small Munsterlanders make good guard dogs?

No, the Small Munsterlander would not make a good guard dog.

Are Small Munsterlanders the right size to be guard dogs?

The Small Munsterlander is a small to medium-sized gun dog, lacking in the imposing physical traits important for deterring intruders.

Does a Small Munsterlander have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

They are an affectionate and docile breed that is friendly towards strangers. They lack protective guarding instincts.

Can you train a Small Munsterlander to be a guard dog?

Small Munsterlanders are highly trainable and eager to please. However their affable nature makes them poor candidates for guarding property.

Have Small Munsterlanders ever been used as guard dogs?

Developed as an agreeable versatile gun dog able to track, point, and retrieve small game. Still primarily serves as an enthusiastic hunting companion.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Small Munsterlander as a guard dog?


  • Trainable and eager to please
  • Docile and affectionate


  • Smaller stature, non-threatening
  • Too friendly with strangers
  • Lack of protective guarding instincts

The Small Munsterlander’s gentle and people-oriented temperament stands contrary to the requirements of a reliable guard dog who must deter intruders with an imposing presence and wariness.

Final Thoughts

The Small Munsterlander may bark and announce visitors but should not be expected to intimidate through guarding behavior.

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