Do Spanish Water Dogs make good guard dogs?

Yes, the Spanish Water Dog has several traits that can make them effective guard dogs.

Are Spanish Water Dogs the right size to be guard dogs?

The Spanish Water Dog is a muscular medium-sized breed with athleticism, stamina, and a distinctive curly coat essential for their original role as a water retriever. Their athletic presence and alert nature lend themselves to guarding duties.

Does a Spanish Water Dog have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

Loyal and highly perceptive of their handler’s moods, they can be initially reserved with strangers and attuned to any perceived danger, making them suitable for guard duties after proper training and socialization.

Can you train a Spanish Water Dog to be a guard dog?

This intelligent breed trains well due to their working background and eagerness to please their handler. Their natural wariness of strangers can be honed towards appropriate watchfulness and protective behaviors with dedicated training.

Have Spanish Water Dogs ever been used as guard dogs?

Valued by Spanish shepherds as strong swimmers able to herd and retrieve sheep from water, and reputed for ferocity while working. Also proven to excel as search and rescue dogs.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Spanish Water Dog as a guard dog?


  • Athleticism and stamina
  • Perceptive and loyal
  • Trainability


  • Wariness may extend to all strangers
  • May attempt to herd children

The Spanish Water Dog is an energetic breed whose loyalty, trainability, watchful nature and athletic presence make them a well suited guard dog for families able to meet their demanding exercise needs.

Final Thoughts

To avoid over-wariness or inappropriate herding, Spanish Water Dogs must be extensively socialized from an early age with children and adults outside their family.

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