Do Sussex Spaniels make good guard dogs?

No, the Sussex Spaniel lacks appropriate temperament and physical traits for effective guard dog roles, preferring companionship over solitary protection duties.

Are Sussex Spaniels the right size to be guard dogs?

The compact, low-slung Sussex Spaniel exhibits a non-threatening physical appearance and stature unsuited for deterring intruders through intimidation despite its hunting background.

Does a Sussex Spaniel have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

The cheerful, affectionate Sussex is slow to sound alarms and quicker to make friends than confront strangers approaching their family, displaying more interest in companionship than territorial protection.

Can you train a Sussex Spaniel to be a guard dog?

This cooperative breed responds eagerly to positive training tailored for hunting assistance and similar joint ventures. However they lack independence required in guardians expected to function alone protecting property.

Have Sussex Spaniels ever been used as guard dogs?

Developed as obedient hunting companions adept at flushing upland birds for British hunters rather than aggressive protective roles outside human partnerships.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Sussex Spaniel as a guard dog?


  • Friendly, affectionate temperament


  • Non-imposing size/appearance
  • Lack of territorial instincts

The cheerful temperament and compact size of the Sussex Spaniel conflicts with necessary behavioral traits and imposing physicality required in capable guard dogs expected to intimidate intruders.

Final Thoughts

Sussex Spaniels thrive on close bonds with human companions. Without sufficient attention and activity occupying this loving breed, problematic behaviors may develop.

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