Do Swedish Vallhunds make good guard dogs?

No, the Swedish Vallhund lacks suitable size and protective instincts necessary in capable guard dogs expected to intimidate unfamiliar visitors and defend property.

Are Swedish Vallhunds the right size to be guard dogs?

Though muscular and agile herders, Swedish Vallhund’s comparatively small stature prevents an imposing, threatening presence compared to larger breeds better equipped physically as guard dogs.

Does a Swedish Vallhund have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While energetic and intensely loyal, Swedish Vallhunds display more devotion than domineering aggression with strangers, preferring to alert owners rather than pose serious threats on their own authority.

Can you train a Swedish Vallhund to be a guard dog?

This responsive breed trains well towards various tasks supporting their person’s needs. However eliciting domineering protective behaviors runs contrary to generations of trusting cooperation bred into Vallhunds.

Have Swedish Vallhunds ever been used as guard dogs?

Valued by Vikings for relentless tenacity herd-guarding cattle long distances. Continues to excel at obedience, agility and rally demonstrating focus on human partner over independent protective duties.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Swedish Vallhund as a guard dog?


  • Athleticism and loyalty


  • Small size lacks intimidation factor
  • Alerts more than threatens

Despite unwavering loyalty and intelligence, Swedish Vallhunds lack suitable threatening presence and protective instincts to adequately guard property without assistance from owners physically capable of more imposing domination of strangers.

Final Thoughts

Bold Swedish Vallhunds will attempt to herd children if not properly trained. Also prone to resource guarding without early and ongoing socialization and boundaries.

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