Do Tibetan Terriers make good guard dogs?

No, Tibetan Terriers do not make good guard dogs.

Are Tibetan Terriers the right size to be guard dogs?

Tibetan Terriers have a medium-small, squarely built physique. Though quite agile, their size is not that imposing, a limitation in a guard dog.

Does a Tibetan Terrier have the right temperament to be a guard dog?

While spirited and sometimes wary with strangers, Tibetan Terriers are not innately aggressive or overly protective by nature – significant deficiencies for a guard dog.

Can you train a Tibetan Terrier to be a guard dog?

Though very smart and eager to please, Tibetan Terriers’ guarding deficiencies stem more from unsuitable temperament rather than trainability issues. Still, their training can often be tricky.

Have Tibetan Terriers ever been used as guard dogs?

Originally all-purpose dogs in Tibetan monasteries and villages, Tibetan Terriers lacked any specific role as guard or protection dogs throughout their history.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a Tibetan Terrier as a guard dog?


  • Agile, energetic, and athletic


  • Lack of natural protectiveness or aggression
  • Smaller stature insufficiently imposing
  • Can be stubborn to train at times

Between an absence of guarding instincts in their temperament, moderately small size, and lack of historical guarding roles, the Tibetan Terrier does not exhibit the qualities necessary for effectively taking on guard dog duties.

Final Thoughts

Tibetan Terrier exercise needs are moderate. Their long double coat requires extensive grooming. Though spirited, they can adapt well to apartment living.

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