Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold – Meet Big Splash

Most expensive dog ever sold

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness clearly hasn’t met the world’s most lavish canine! For a cool $1.6million, you can snag yourself the ritziest pup on the planet.

Meet Big Splash, the red Tibetan mastiff, who’s now wearing the crown as the most expensive dog ever sold, with a price tag of a whopping 10 million Chinese yuan, or $1,600,000 or £945,000…

It seems that pure Tibetan Mastiffs are exceptionally highly valued, almost as much as the national animal, the panda. So who bought the world’s most expensive dog? 

Hong Dong as he’s known in China was scooped up by a millionaire tycoon at the Zhejiang expo in Beijing, a fair that attracts some of the wealthiest people across Asia. Unfortunately, the identity of the buyer is still secret.  

big splash
credit – Reddit

TLDR; The most Expensive Dog Ever Sold

  1. The Millionaire’s Mystery 🎭💰: Big Splash, the world’s priciest pooch, was snatched up at the Zhejiang expo in Beijing—a hotspot for Asia’s elite. But here’s the kicker: the identity of this millionaire tycoon is still under wraps! Who could it be? A secret Bruce Wayne of the dog world, perhaps? 🤔🦇
  2. The Lion King of Dogs 🦁👑: According to the breeder, Big Splash isn’t just any dog; he’s got lion’s blood! This makes him a “perfect specimen,” and he could even fetch up to $10,000 for a single breeding session. Talk about a royal lineage! 🐾👑
  3. More Than Just a Pretty Face 🐶🍀: Tibetan Mastiffs are considered holy animals, believed to be reincarnated souls of monks and nuns. Add the colour red, which is seen as lucky in Chinese culture, and you’ve got a dog that’s not just a status symbol but a potential bringer of good fortune, health, and security! 🐕‍🦺🌟

Lu Liang, the breeder of Big Splash has justified the price tag, claiming the giant dog has lion’s blood and is to be a perfect specimen. According to the Daily Mail, he also said that: 

“We have spent a lot of money raising the dog, and we have the salaries of plenty of staff to pay”. He went on to add that they could charge up to $10,000 a time for Big Splash to breed with a female. 

But that’s not all, the extravagant spend on the dog indicates that this is a signal of wealth and prosperity. So has the red Tibetan Mastiff now replaced high-end jewellery or super cars? 

Not only that, but Tibetan Mastiffs are considered holy animals, the souls of monks and nuns reincarnated. Add to that the colour red, which is considered lucky, perhaps this beautiful specimen will bless its owners with luck, health and security. 

And let’s face it, my dogness, you’re going to need deep pockets!Because Big Splash’s gourmet menu likely isn’t just kibble and bits. Think heaps of chicken and beef, with a sprinkle of posh Chinese treats like sea cucumber and abalone. 

It’s also not as if this giant red lion like creature is also going to be confined to your everyday city apartment. Our bet is that Big Splash has plenty of room to roam around its property. 

It’s also worth noting that there are different types of Tibetan Mastiff that are hotly debated, such as Lion vs Tiger Tibetan Mastiffs or the Chinese Tibetan Mastiff vs Original Tibetan Mastiff. The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff appears larger in size, more fluffy and also has a wider range of colours such as stunning red or gold. It is claimed that these Mastiffs are more courageous than their cousins, but there’s little proof of that. 

Chinese Tibetan Mastiff – The World’s Most Expensive Dog

What’s it like to own a Tibetan Mastiff? 

According to UK breeders of this magnificent breed, the Tibetan Mastiff is extremely smart and adept at sensing potential danger. This is a common trait amongst most if not all Mastiff type breeds. 

Its history as a livestock guardian means that the Tibetan Mastiff is typically good at socialising with other animals and children. In fact, they often dote on their owners and love their company. 

They require a lot of grooming, a lot of feeding and very moderate exercise. In fact, interestingly the dog should not be overly active as a puppy whilst its joints are developing. 

As far as costs go, this pup is on the boujee side. They require a lot of protein rich food to grow, they require regular grooming and they sometimes require occasional visits to the vets for cosmetic fixes to eyes and skin folds. 

The Tibetan Mastiff can be fairly docile towards friends and family. However, it needs to be supervised around complete strangers due to its protective nature. 

red Tibetan Mastiff
credit – Pinterest

Quick Facts about the Tibetan Mastiff:

  • Tibetan Mastiffs are acclimatised to very harsh weather conditions, hence the big thick coat. These weather conditions lead to many interesting quirks in their evolution, such as females only coming into season once a year during spring time so that pups are able to grow to a respectable size ahead of the cold winter months. 
  • The heaviest Tibetan Mastiff apparently weighed in at 20 stone, giving Zorba the English Mastiff a run for his money. 
  • The Tibetan Mastiff can live for up to 14 years which is a long time for a Mastiff breed. This is largely due to less genetic defects compared to other Mastiff breeds. 
  • Marco Polo supposedly encountered the breed in the 13th century on his trips throughout the silk road to Mongolia. He described them to be as tall as a Donkey, with a roar like a lion. 
  • They are said to have genetically diverged from wolves over 58,000 years ago. If truth be told, the DNA of this breed is likely fascinating to follow. Many dispute the modern Chinese Tibetan Mastiffs purity, claiming it is mixed with all sorts of other breeds. We’d suggest investing in a DNA kit to uncover their genetic history.
  • They thrive on a raw or partial raw diet that consists of a high protein intake. Chicken, beef, fish, bone and marrow are all good sources that help keep this giant fuelled. 
  • Sadly, many owners have not been able to look after these majestic animals which has led to abandonment. A sanctuary full of thousands of Tibetan Mastiffs exists in China. 
  • The Tibetan Mastiff price varies from country to country. In the UK, you’re looking at around £2,000 – £2,500. In the USA, you could be looking up $3,500, maybe higher.
  • As far as we know, Big Splash is still the most expensive dog in the world as of 2023. 

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