Top 7 Easiest Dogs To Potty Train

Easiest dog breeds to potty train

Entering the world of dog parenting for the first time is incredibly fun and exciting! The thought of your new little fluff ball having the zoomies around the kitchen, falling asleep next to its food bowl or climbing up on your lap for cuddles fills your heart with joy… 

But less be honest, sh*t happens. And yes, in lame old fashioned toilet seat humor, I’m referring to crap. 

And no matter how cute those little puppy dog eyes might be, a dog that is a nightmare to potty train can completely take the fun out of owning a dog. 

So let’s do our best to avoid the “carpet catastrophes” by finding out which breeds are the easiest dogs to potty train.

  1. Border Collie – Border Collies are exceptionally intelligent and are often seen as the most intelligent of all dog breeds. They’re extremely capable of taking on and learning numerous commands from a very early age which makes them very easy to toilet train, and house train in general. 
potty training a border collie
  1. German Shepherd – Often seen as intelligent and disciplined, the German Shepherd is a quick learner. The breed responds very well to strong leadership, consistent commands and clear instructions. Eager to please their owners, the breed takes to potty training very quickly. You’ll be saying “good boy / good girl” at the back door in no time. 
potty training a german shepherd
  1. Australian Shepherd – Much like the Border Collie, the Aussie Shepherd is a herding dog that has exceptionally high intelligence. This years Crufts winner is a breed close to my heart due to their fantastic temperament and ease of training. The Australian Shepherd takes to toilet training very quickly and it’s entirely possible that your Aussie will be mostly toilet trained by the times you’re able to take it home with you. One word of caution (aside from potty training), the Aussie Shepherd, although very smart, needs some early socialization training to make sure it doesn’t bring it’s herding tendencies into the house (occasionally nipping). 
potty training australian shepherd.
  1. Labrador Retriever – The ever loveable Labrador Retriever is right up there for one of the most laid back breeds in existence, but thankfully that doesn’t mean they’re lazy or stupid. The Labrador Retriever has a real eagerness to please its owners which makes them highly trainable. Their desire for approval means they take to toilet training cues very well, from an appropriate age. 
potty training Labrador retriever
  1. Poodle – These days, Poodles come in all shapes and sizes! They’re some of the most popular mixes and hybrids in existence. Fun, sharp, characterful and energetic, the poodle can sometimes be quite the handful. That said, they’re also very smart and eager to learn. They typically respond well to consistent doses of positive reinforcement training and can pick up the potty training basics very quickly. 
potty training a poodle
  1. Doberman Pinscher – The Doberman, much like the humble Rottweiler has had a reputation problem over the years. However, don’t let that fool you. The Doberman is exceptionally loyal, smart and eager to please its loved ones. This eagerness to please helps make them a highly trainable companion over the long run. I would however temper this with the opinion that the Doberman can be quite head-strong. They need good leadership and shouldn’t really be considered a good pick for a first time dog owner. 
potty training a doberman
  1. Boston Terrier – These little bundles of energy are an exceptionally loyal breed, hailing from the USA. They’re eager to please their loved ones but can sometimes suffer from a shorter attention span vs the other breeds listed. That said, with patience and a good dose of positive reinforcement, the Boston Terrier can be quick to learn. 
potty training a boston terrier

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