From Paws To Power: The Cane Corso Growth Chart

Cane Corso Growth Chart

The Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) breed typically reaches over 120 lbs in weight, however there is no “official”  Cane Corso Growth Chart guidance from organizations such as the AKC on their sizing. 

What’s more, the breeding standard for the Cane Corso may vary somewhat, depending on where you are in the world. So you may encounter Corso’s that have a very stocky build which may show a hint of bully, or you may find some that are taller and leaner. 

Speaking to a range of top breeders, the overwhelming majority agree that Cane Corso’s should be of a large and athletic build and that they shouldn’t be too stocky (although this can happen on occasion). 

The lack of specific detail in the breeding standard from the AKC can unfortunately lead to a bit of misguidance when it comes to understanding their correct weight and growth rate. This can be a concern when it comes to assessing a healthy weight as your puppy starts to grow. 

Therefore, having an accurate growth chart is critical if you want to avoid your dog being over or underweight. 

Cane Corso Growth Chart – Weight & Height

The below Cane Corso growth charts are designed to help you assess the correct growth rate for your pooch which for this breed is usually around the 2.5 lbs mark per week for several months. The weight should also be proportional to their height. 

The chart is to be used as a guidance for what is considered a healthy weight. However, common sense judgements should be made along the way. For instance, you should be able to tell if your Cane Corso is underweight if you can see the sharp outline of their ribs and hips. Alternatively, if you can’t easily spot or feel the ribs, then it’s likely your Cane Corso is overweight. 

There are a few variants to be aware of when it comes to assessing the correct weight and height of your Cane Corso. These are gender, diet & nutrition, exercise and general health of the dog ( hormones, etc).

Male Cane Corso Size Chart (weight & height)

The male Cane Corso growth chart indicates that males do indeed have a sustained growth rate that is higher than their female counterparts. This is typically down to muscle density.

AgeWeight (lbs & kg)Height (inches & cm)
8 Weeks24 lbs (11 kg)13 inches (34 cm)
10 Weeks28.5 lbs (13 kg)15 inches (40 cm)
12 Weeks32 lbs (15 kg)18 inches (45 cm)
4 Months42 lbs (19 kg)20 inches (51 cm)
5 Months50 lbs (23 kg)22 inches (56 cm)
6 Months60 lbs (27 kg)24 inches (61 cm)
7 Months68 lbs (31 kg)25 inches (63 cm)
8 Months74 lbs (34 kg)25 inches (63 cm)
9 Months82 lbs (37 kg)26 inches (66 cm)
10 Months90 lbs (41 kg)26 inches (66 cm)
12 Months98 lbs (45 kg)26 inches (66 cm)
18 Months105 lbs (47.5 kg)26 inches (66 cm)
24 Months115 lbs (52 kg)26 – 27 inches (66 – 69 cm)
Male Cane Corso Growth Chart

As you can see, the male Cane Corso growth chart indicates that the male can grow up to 115 lbs (and beyond) in weight and up to 28 inches in height (at the very top end). 

It must be noted that most male Cane Corso’s will not grow any taller than 26”. You can also see that their height growth rate hits a bit of a ceiling around the 9-10 month mark. At this point, it’s likely that your Cane Corso may look a bit on the lanky side when it comes to proportionality, but don’t worry as it’s likely that they’re going to put on more weight in the next 9 – 12 months.

lanky cane corso
Lanky looking Cane Corso

Female Cane Corso Size Chart (weight & height)

Contrary to their male counterparts, female Cane Corso’s do not grow to be as heavy or as tall. This is common in most other dog breeds, however there are sometimes exceptions to the rule.

AgeWeight (lbs & kg)Height (inches & cm)
8 Weeks20 lbs (9 kg)20 lbs (9 kg)
10 Weeks24 lbs (11 kg)15 inches (40 cm)
12 Weeks28 lbs (13 kg)18 inches (45 cm)
4 Months36 lbs (16 kg)19 inches (49 cm)
5 Months 44 lbs (20 kg)21 inches (53 cm)
6 Months52 lbs (24 kg)23 inches (58 cm)
7 Months60 lbs (27 kg)24 inches (58 cm)
8 Months68 lbs (31 kg)24 inches (58 cm)
9 Months76 lbs (34 kg)24 inches (58 cm)
10 Months84 lbs (38 kg)24 inches (58 cm)
12 Months92 lbs (42 kg)24 inches (58 cm)
18 Months95 lbs (43 kg)25 inches (62 cm)
24 Months100 lbs (45 kg)25 inches (62 cm)
Female Cane Corso Growth Chart

Much like the males, the female Cane Corso growth chart indicates that they start to reach their maximum height around the 8 month mark, some will go on to be taller, reaching around 25 inches.

How Fast Do Cane Corsos Grow?

The Cane Corso grows around 2 – 2.5 lbs a week in the earlier puppyhood months. This starts to slow down as they reach the 9 – 10 month mark, with their height starting to max out. 

Once they have reached near to their maximum height, you will start to see their body “fill out” more. This will mean their chest and head will develop further along with more muscle growth. 

There are some instances where your Cane Corsos growth may be hindered in the earlier months. These are things such as: 

  • Neutering your dog too early – A Cane Corso’s bones and muscles are still developing around the 18 month mark. Choosing to neuter them before this can disrupt their hormones and have an impact on their growth. 
  • Exercise Levels – Cane Corsos like many in the Mastiff family (although more athletic) can suffer from joint issues, so over exercising them when young may have impacts on joint development which can cause issues further down the track. 
  • Nutrition – Your Cane Corso is likely quite food driven. The breed requires a large protein intake as well as foods that aren’t high in inflammatory ingredients such as additives, preservatives and seed oils. Poor nutrition can hinder proper development of muscle, joints and bones.
Largest Cane Corso In The World

At what age is a Cane Corso Fully Grown?

Your Cane Corso should be fully grown at around the 18 month mark. However, some are faster, some are slower. You will find that they can reach their maximum height around the 9-10 month mark, some will go on to grow an inch or two higher. That said, they will continue to bulk up until the 18 month mark. You should ultimately know the fully grown size of your Cane Corso at 24 months.

Bulking Up Your Cane Corso (what to do if they’re underweight)

Ideally, you want your Cane Corso to have an athletic frame. This means ample muscle, but slender around the waist, ribs and hips. 

You may find that your Cane Corso isn’t putting on the expected weight. At this point, it’s worth reviewing their diet and their exercise and activity levels. 

Cane Corso bulking up

As mentioned above, you want to aim for a clean, high protein diet. However, feel free to add a bit more carbohydrate to the mix too. Ingredients such as pumpkin and sweet potato are good clean sources. However, you’ll want to keep checking in on this, because adding too much can lead to them being bloated and overweight. 

Next, you should monitor their exercise and activity levels. Are they being exercised too much for their age? Are there other forms of activity that can lead to balanced muscle growth without impacting the joints too much? Perhaps swimming is a good idea.

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