Cane Corso Colours – What colour Coats Are there?

cane corso coat colours

Cane Corso colours stun breed enthusiasts the world over. Excluding the hybrid colour combinations, the pure breed has a plethora of colours to choose from. These range from black, brindle and red to fawn, mahogany, blue and white.

We will also be looking at the physical characteristics of each coat and eye colour, as well as any notes on popularity among Cane Corsos owners.  

For lovers of this breed, the colour of the coat just adds to the already impressive physical presence that takes up so much of the space in your home. This much-adored dog is a fine choice for anyone with experience of larger breeds.

Why are there so many colours for Cane Corsos?

From deep, glossy black and snowy white to the intricately brindled and warm red, this loving and loyal pooch has something to offer anyone who loves big and beautiful dogs.

This variety of colours of Cane Corsos is due to its long history, they were first bred as guard dogs during the Roman Empire which has led to a broad spectrum of genes.

The Different Colours for the Cane Corso

As we have seen, there is an eclectic range of colours available when it comes to the Cane Corso.  

While some colours are more popular than others, all of them can be beautiful and are sure to draw attention wherever they go.  

So, no matter which colour you choose, your Cane Corso will be a head-turner and you will be the proud owner of a striking-looking pet.

Here, we look at the individual coat colours available, along with eye colours and the popularity of each amongst potential Cane Corso owners. 

Black Cane Corso

A solid black coat is one of the most common colours for Cane Corsos. Those with a satin-like black coat will see the colour ranging from dark charcoal to jet black. The coat tends to be shiny with a dense texture. This colour variation is popular due to its sleek look but it can be quite prone to shedding, so keep that in mind if you’re house proud! These black beauties’ eyes are generally a soft brown, though some may have amber or golden hues. Black Cane Corsos are popular among owners thanks to their classic regal look which will turn heads in the park.  

black cane corso
Black Cane Corso

Brindle Cane Corso

Brindle Cane Corso’s are visually striking. They usually have an eye-catching striped pattern of varying shades of brown and yellow, with black outlining. The brindle colour has been seen in Cane Corso’s for generations and is becoming increasingly popular among owners who want their beloved Corso to stand out from the crowd. The stripes can be either symmetrical or chaotic, depending on the dog. The base colour for can be any number of colours, including red, fawn, mahogany, blue and white.

brindle cane corso
Brindle Cane Corso

Brindle Cane Corsos typically have lighter eyes than other coat colours. Your brindle Corso is likely to have bright golden yellow eyes that twinkle mischievously and stand out against their gorgeous coats.  

Red Cane Corso

Red is another eye-catching variation of the Cane Corso. This colour has a warm, burnished hue that can range from light to dark depending on the dog’s age and genetics. The coat is short and shiny and while many are dark mahogany some have a light copper coat that is almost brown.

red cane corso
credit – Instagram @ready_red33

Red Cane Corsos typically have yellow or golden eyes; however, dogs with a darker coat will have similarly dark and soulful eyes. These vibrantly coloured dogs are desired by canine enthusiasts who want their best friend to stand out. 

Fawn Cane Corso

Fawn is an interesting colour variation of the Cane Corso. It is a light, sandy hue with warming hints of yellow or orange. Some have a golden-brown coat with black outlining and patches of darker fur. Fawn coats are admired for their beauty and versatility, as they look fantastic with any type of fur pattern or eye colour.

fawn cane corso
Fawn Cane Corso

Their eyes are usually yellow-brown or golden in colour, some are dark brown. Fawn Cane Corsos are perfect for owners who want a dog with a distinguished look.

Mahogany Cane Corso

Mahogany is one of the rarest colours for Cane Corsos, and dogs with this coat can be hard to find. This unique shade varies from dark red to deep brown and light copper. These dogs have black outlining and often feature patches of darker fur. They also typically have yellow, brown or golden eyes.

mahogany cane corso
Mahogany Cane Corso

Mahogany Cane Corsos attract even more attention than usual thanks to their striking colour. Deep red coats are popular with owners due to their stunning appearance and the way they make the dog look more regal.

Blue Cane Corso

Blue is an unusual but beautiful variation of the Cane Corso, which is bursting in popularity right now. A blue coat is better described as being slate grey with hints of blue and it has a glossy finish that shines as you stroke it. Differences in light will bring out brighter shades of blue and even silver. So, your dog may change colour throughout the day!

Blue Cane Corso
Blue Cane Corso

Blue Cane Corsos are popular among owners who favour an exotic and unusual looking dog. They can have a mixture of eye colours ranging from dark brown, to sometimes puppy blue but some may have lighter eyes such as yellow or hazel. You can read more about the blue blood Cane Corso here.

White Cane Corso

A white Cane Corse is extremely rare. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these stunners they will have a shiny, pure ivory coat and contrasting deep, dark eyes. Despite their rarity, dogs with this coat are becoming increasingly popular among owners who love the unusual. Some white Cane Corsos will have more of a cream colour and might have attractive speckles too. A white Cane Corso will look elegant (until the mud sticks!) and they will definitely stand out and draw admiring comments.

White cane corso
Credit – Instagram @whitecanecorso

Essentially, there is a wide variety of coat colours available for Cane Corsos, but some are easier to find than others. Each colour of coat has its own unique characteristics, eye colour possibilities and will appeal to owners for different reasons.

No matter which coat colour you choose for your Cane Corso, your new friend will dedicate themselves to protecting you and your family. They can be assertive but are trainable, as they are eager to please. Their cool and calm confidence is reassuring, and they make an excellent companion.

Which colour Cane Corso is most popular with owners?

It is difficult to say which colour Cane Corso is most popular with owners. Each coat colour has its own unique aesthetic, and everyone thinks that their own dog is perfect, whatever they look like!

That said, black and brindle are two of the most sought-after colours among owners due to them giving the dog a ‘classic’ Cane Corso look. Red and fawn are popular choices as they have a vibrant, regal and striking appearance and mahogany, blue and white coats are sought after because they are unique.

Obviously, the most popular colour of Cane Corsos comes down to individual preference, but if you simply want a beautiful and loyal companion with all the wonderful traits of this magnificent breed, the colour of your puppy won’t matter too much.

What colour eyes do Cane Corsos have?

There’s nothing like looking into the loving eyes of your happy and contented pet to make the world a beautiful place; the colour of them is immaterial.

However, it’s useful to know that Cane Corsos can have a variety of eye colours, depending on their coat colour. All are gorgeous!

There’s nothing like looking into the loving eyes of your happy and contented pet to make the world a beautiful place; the colour of them is immaterial. However, it’s useful to know that Cane Corsos can have a variety of eye colours, depending on their coat colour. All are gorgeous!

  • Black Cane Corsos typically have brown to golden yellow eyes.
  • Brindle Cane Corsos have golden yellow or bright eyes.  
  • Red Cane Corsos usually have yellow or golden eyes.
  • Fawn Cane Corsos typically have yellow-brown or golden eyes.  
  • Mahogany Cane Corsos usually have yellow or golden eyes.
  • Blue Cane Corsos tend to have dark yellow or golden eyes. 
  • White Cane Corsos have either yellow or golden eyes. 

Why is there such a mix of eye colours for Cane Corsos?

The variety of eye colours in Cane Corsos is due to their genetic diversity. This amazing breed has a range of coat colours, and each colour is associated with different underlying genetics that can influence the dog’s eye colour.  

This wide range of possible eye colours is one of the things that makes the impressive looking Cane Corso unique amongst canines.  

Also, the various eye colours in Cane Corsos make them popular with owners who want a unique-looking dog. Every dog has its own adorable (most of the time!) personality traits, and it’s good to have that reflected in their appearance.

Do Cane Corso coats shed?

If you’re house proud, the grooming regime needed for a potential new pet is an important consideration.

Happily, despite their size, these stunning dogs only need an occasional brush as they have a short, dense coat. A good bath is only needed if they get muddy or roll in something stinky.

However, if you are thinking about getting one of these dogs, be aware that they drool more than most other breeds and that might be an issue if you don’t want your furniture to be marked.

You’ll keep your Cane Corso looking its best and feeling healthy, with regular tooth brushing, nail clipping and ear checks. They will love the pampering and fuss!

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