Newfoundland Dog Mixes – 11 Stunning Newfie Mixes

Newfoundland Dog Mixes

The Newfie is known for its incredible temperament and its big and fluffy adorable bear-like looks. But what happens when you breed other popular dogs? Well, put short, the result is some unbelievably stunning Newfoundland Dog mixes! 

Let’s have a look at these Newfie mixes, who knows, you might just want to bring one home with you. 

1. Newfie St Bernard Mix

The Bernewfie I guess? The Newfie St Bernard mix is a stunner. Measuring in at a whopping 100lb (estimate) cuddle monster. The classic traits of both breeds are well represented, such as a large head, droopy silky ears. However the muzzle is more pronounced. 

The Newfie St Bernard mix has a thick coat, which is fairly long although some do have a medium length. As you can imagine the Newfie St Bernard mix requires a lot of grooming and is a fairly high maintenance dog as they’re heavy shedders but also love to play outdoors in the elements. 

When it comes to colours, you are spoilt for choice. The classics from the Newfoundland dog mixes come in such as black, brown and Landseer. However, there are also some wonderful tri-colour variations that emerge. Some more rare versions exist which see a wonderful smoky grey colour combined with white. 

Newfie St Bernard Mix
Instagram @bearthebernewfie

2. Border Newfie – Border Collie Newfoundland Mix

The Border Newfie mixes in the smarts of the Border Collie with the calmness of the Newfoundland dog. This combination makes for a wonderful family pet as it’s smart, loyal, calm and patient. Many still keep the common traits from the Newfie, such as the webbed feet and ability to swim. 

In looks, the Border Newfie has a thick yet soft coat. Commonly, most puppies from the Border Newfie mix seem to inherit the black and white fur. However, brown sometimes makes an appearance. 

Owners for the Border Newfie should commit to the stimulation needs of the dog. The energy levels of the Border Collie is often inherited alongside the need for games and puzzles. This means a lot of time playing and a lot of time outdoors. If you have the lifestyle to match, then the Border Newfie is a wonderful dog and a top pick when it comes to the Newfoundland dog mixes.

Border Newfie
Instagram @travis.bear.badboy

3. Aussie Newfie Mix – australian Shepherd Newfoundland Mix

Similar to the previous, the Aussie Newfie inherits the sheepdog tendencies of the Australian Shepherd. It’s smart, engaged and energetic. The Newfoundland dogs temperament comes in as a wonderful offset for all that raw energy, often leading to a well rounded pup. 

Coat colours from the Newfoundland dog side come in stunning mixes of blacks, browns, Landseer combos, which are combined with the classic myrtle of the Aussie Shepherd. 

The Aussie Newfie requires a fair amount of stimulation both in physical and mental exercise. Again, owners that are interested in the Aussie Newfie should have the lifestyle to match the requirements of the breed. This is a true outdoors dog and another top pick for those keen on Newfoundland dog mixes.

Aussie Newfie Mix
Instagram @harveytheaussienewf

4. German Shepherd Newfie Mix

The Newfie German Shepherd mix, also known as the New Shep is the hybrid outcome of a German Shepherd and Newfoundland dog. The Newfie German Shepherd turns out to be the biggest of big dogs, sometimes weighing up to 150 lbs. This may frighten a few of the local dog walkers a bit, but the breed is very docile and loving, which is a recurring theme for the Newfoundland dog mixes.

Given the herding and worker dog background of both the breeds, they have a temperament that likes to act as a watchdog, very protective of their family. 

The Newfie German Shepherd mix comes in a range of colour combinations, making the best of each bloodline’s heritage such as sable, black, brown, silver and cream. This can lead to some fairly unique pups. 

Newfie German Shepherd Mix
Instagram @ the_dog_house_eccles

5. Newfie Husky Mix

The Newfie Husky mix is a stunning combination of both the cold weather breeds. Combining the size and sweet nature of the Newfie with the energetic and sassy, vocal nature of the Husky. 

What about those blue eyes? Many of the Newfie Husky mixes come with the classic blue eye trait of the Husky. And if that fails, many also come with the bright amber glare of the Newfoundland dog which is common in the Newfoundland brown coats

However, this is a high maintenance dog. The Newfie Husky has a thick coat that will require regular grooming. It may also inherit the exercise needs from the Siberian Husky, which means plenty of walks. Owners should try to stay vigilant with the physical needs of the Newfie Husky mix, ensuring that it isn’t over-exercised due to the Mastiff traits inherited on the Newfoundland dogs side. One thing is for sure, the Newfie Husky is a one of the most characterful from the Newfoundland dog mixes range.

Newfie Husky Mix
Instagram @ maverickandbodhi
Newfoundland Dog Mixes

6. Newfie Chow Chow Mix

How now Chow Chow! The Newfie Chow is an incredible demonstration of floof. They are large fluffy bears capable of excessive cuddling. Their large, thick coats come in wonderful shades of cream, black, brown and grey. 

Many of the Newfie Chow mix can weigh up to 130 lbs and reach 29 inches in height. They have moderate exercise needs due to their inherited traits on both bloodlines. 

The Newfie Chow makes a great companion for many owners who love the larger breeds but are looking for something more unique. It’s up there with one of the most exciting Newfoundland dog mixes for me.

Newfie Chow Mix
Instagram @ gunnerandpanda

7. great Dane Newfie Mix

As far as Newfoundland dog mixes go, this one is a hell of a character. The Great Dane Newfie Mix, or Great Newfie takes the best attributes of both worlds. Embarrassing the goofy, playful demeanour of the Dane, alongside the sweet and calm nature of the Newfie. 

The temperament of the Great Dane Newfie is one that will require solid and consistent training. They may tend to have a stubborn nature that needs working on. That said, they are still sweet and loving companions.

In looks, the Great Dane Newfie mix is a large build with a mid to long coat. Colours come in blacks, browns and some tricolours that have a nice addition of grey.

Great Dane Newfie Mix
Instagram @ the_great_finnn

8. Newfie Rottweiler Mix

The Newfie Rottie mix (New Rottland, Newfieler), is a mix of the Newfoundland dog and the famous Rottweiler. Many Newfoundland dog mixes tend to include members of the Mastiff family and the Newfie Rottie is a great example of that. 

The Newfie Rottie is likely to be a giant of a dog, with a lot of muscle and strength. And although this may intimidate some, many owners of the Newfie Rottie mix say that their dog is incredibly gentle and friendly. 

The Newfie Rottie mix can grow up to 130 lbs in weight. It typically inherits the longer coat from the Newfoundland heritage, which typically comes in black but shades of brown. The longer coat requires ample grooming as it’s fairly likely to mat and tangle. 

9. Newfie Pyrenees Mix

The Newfie Pyrenees mix is more suited for those that live in colder climates. This large dog has a long coat that comes in incredible colours of brown, tan or black. 

The Newfie Pyrenees can weigh up to 120 lbs and grow to 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Owners need to pay close attention to their exercise needs as the Pyrenees side often requires more rigorous exercise. The Newfie Pyrenees is a great dog to own if you have a lifestyle to match. These would make for excellent farm dogs.

Newfie Pyrenees Mix
Instagram @the.newfie.pyrenees

10. Newfie Doodle Mix

The Newfie Doodle is where the loyal, noble, rescue side of the Newfoundland dog meets the fashionable side of the Poodle. 

Exceptionally cute (as many poodle mixes tend to be), the Newfie Doodle has a thick, curly coat which typically come in different shades of brown, black and grey. Unlike the Newfoundland dog purebred, the Newfie Doodle is said to be hypoallergenic and to not shed too much. They have a big teddy bear like appearance which many find an endearing characteristic.  

Owners of the Newfie Doodle should expect an energetic and bouncy larger dog which makes for an excellent family pet. They are very playful and require regular playtime and stimulation.

Newfie Doodle
Instagram @newfiedoodlebuddy

11. Golden Newfie – Newfoundland X Golden Retriever Mix

Finally, the Golden Newfie – what a wonderful name. The Golden Newfie mixes in the aspects of the Golden Retriever. It has the big, soft, brown eyes that melt the hearts of many dog owners across the world. 

The Golden Newfie appears to inherit the coat colours more commonly from the Newfoundland dog side. They are a very co-operative dog which lends itself well to training and socialisation. What’s more, the Golden Newfie appears to love water which is a trait inherited from both sides. 

golden newfie
Instagram @gnoba_goldennewfies

The Golden Newfie has an A+ temperament, which makes it a wonderful family dog. The Golden Newfie has become one of the more popular hybrids from the Newfoundland dog mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Newfoundland Dog Mixes

What two dogs breeds make a Newfoundland? 

It’s thought that the Newfoundland dog is made up from European Mastiffs and the St Johns Waterdog. The exact Mastiff breed is up for debate, but many believe it originates from the Portuguese Mastiff. 

What Newfoundland mix doesn’t shed? 

The Newfie Doodle or Newfie Poo is thought to shed to the least. It’s typically labelled as a hypoallergenic breed and is one of the most popular hybrids from the Newfoundland dog mixes range.

Is there a smaller Newfoundland dog? 

Yes. The smaller Newfoundland dog is often referred to as the “lesser Newfoundland” or “St John’s Water Dog”. However, when speaking exclusively to Newfoundland dog mixes, the Aussie Newfie is likely the smallest.

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