Best Dog Beds For Mastiffs 2023 – Top Brands Reviewed

best dog beds for mastiffs

Researching the best dog beds for Mastiffs can seem like a bit of a chore. There’s so much to consider, from size and comfort to durability, and price. 

The reality is that, although these dogs can look big and menacing, they’re also quite sensitive. Many of them face issues ranging from joint pain to separation anxiety. Therefore, finding the right dog bed is a challenge worth investing in. This isn’t negotiable for Mastiffs, it’s a necessity for them.  

My boy Tyrone, a lovable French mastiff, has a special place in his heart for his bed. Ty is a gentle giant, weighing in at over 100 pounds, and he loves nothing more than snuggling up in his cosy bed after a long day of playing, exploring and well… lazing about the place.

Finding the right bed for Ty was crucial, given his size and weight, we spent weeks researching different options before settling on the perfect one. Now, Tyrone’s bed is his sanctuary – a place where he can rest his weary bones and dream of chasing squirrels in the park. I couldn’t be happier knowing that my big, slobbery friend is comfortable in his slumber.

But what was the process I went through? What considerations were important to me and Ty? 

If you’re the lucky owner of a Mastiff type breed then you’ll soon realise that there is no one perfect bed. Every dog has its own quirks, perhaps your Mastiff likes to chew or crash land on its bed, therefore durability may well be most important to you. 

Perhaps conventional beds get too hot for your Mastiff, so an elevated option is best. Or, maybe your Mastiff is in their senior years where comfort is paramount, in which case an orthopaedic bed may be best. 

Then there’s the price. I was stunned to see how expensive some beds have become, equally I was also stunned to see how impressive the quality has become over the years. 

We’ll take you through all these consideration points so that you can make the best decision for your Mastiff. 

Our Top Pick Summary At A Glance

Furhaven Orthopaedic dog bed
Kopeks orthopaedic dog bed
Heyoo Elevated dog bed with canopy

Choosing the right size dog bed for your Mastiff

There are a couple of things to consider here. As you’re well aware, dog beds for Mastiffs are going to be on the larger side, even going up to XXL. And although the price of good dog beds can be surprisingly high, the approach of “they’ll grow into it” doesn’t quite work for Mastiffs. 

This is because the size of the bed or mattress needs to be relative to the dog’s weight and size so that it’s capable of providing support and comfortability. Mastiffs are prone to various bone and joint issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia. By investing in the right size bed, you’re helping to provide the right support needed to minimise these risks. 

For a puppy to young adolescent, I’d recommend looking at a bed that is around 34-36” (86-90 cm). For an adult Mastiff, I’d recommend upgrading to around 48” (122 cm). 

One of the regrets I had when Ty was a puppy was the regular appearance of elbow hygromas. Much of this was to do with laying on hard surfaces and him hitting the ground quicker and harder than any big dog I’ve ever seen before. Perhaps if his bed was more comfortable, these would have occurred less.

Large Dog Beds For Mastiffs

It’s difficult to find a standardised sizing system for dog beds and different manufacturers and retailers use different dimensions. 

For the purposes of this guide, large dog beds typically come in sizes around 36L x 23W inches. They’re great for dogs weighing up to 70 lbs. This makes them a good fit for most Mastiff pups, and can even prove useful into adolescence. 

Here are the best large beds we’ve seen at this size:

OhGenic Orthopaedic large dog bed

The size of this bed is 36 x 27 x 3 inches. It weighs a tiny 3.92 pounds

From reading other reviews on this product, it seems that many other people are big fans of this dog bed due its more portable around the house. This is much better than the base standard, huge and heavy bed frames that have to be dragged. 

This bed is waterproof and has a machine washable cover, which is perfect for drooly mastiffs. The memory foam material is exceptionally soft which helps in calming a Mastiff down and improves their sleep quality. 

The support offered by an Orthopaedic bed is perfect for Mastiff joints too. Again, if your Mastiff has a tendency to throw itself to the ground, this helps limit the damage. 

Bedsure Large Orthopaedic dog bed

The sizing of this bed is 35 x 7 x 25 inches. It weighs 6.04 pounds, so is heavier than the OhGeni bed, but still light. That said, it still makes for a perfect dog bed for Mastiff puppies. 

As far as features go, the dog bed offers great orthopaedic support, offering egg foam support to help evenly distribute your Mastiff’s weight and help relieve joint pressure. The bed also has raised edges which offers support to your Mastiffs head and neck as it finds a comfortable resting position before nodding off. 

It is waterproof too, a big bonus for slobbery mastiffs as it helps keep things hygienic. You can simply remove the zipped cover for an easy wash. Ty is a French Mastiff that drools a lot, so this was a big consideration point. 

Another practical feature of this Mastiff bed is that it has a “non-skid” bottom. The rubber studs on the bottom of the mat help keep the bed from sliding around the room. 

Most reviews of this dog bed comment on how well manufactured it is as well as how easy it was to assemble. It seems that many owners are loyal to the Bedsure brand and choose to upgrade to larger options when the time is right. 

 My only reservations on this dog bed are that sometimes covers that come with zips can become faulty over time. There also doesn’t seem to be much information out there on how well this bed handles larger dogs that weigh more than your average. The denser muscles and bones of a Mastiff may prove too heavy, but without that information available, it’s pretty hard to tell. That said, overall, many owners appear to be very happy with the bed. 

Furhaven Orthopaedic dog bed

The Furhaven large orthopaedic dog bed is 36”L x 27”W x 6.5” Th. Once again, for a Mastiff pup, this is a great size. 

The bed boasts “medical-grade orthopaedic foam which provides joint support and soothes pressure points for a deeper, more restorative sleep”. Sounds perfect for a Mastiff! 

In terms of style, this bed is commonly referred to as a sofa design. The two raised edges provide ultimate cosy nestling and burrowing. The surface material also helps take this a step further by providing a brushed, quilted fabric that is less irritant on the paws and nose. 

In terms of comfort, similar to most orthopaedic beds, the Furhaven also uses the egg crate memory foam base which offers superior joint protection whilst also being more breathable with superior air flow. This is great for Mastiffs who have a tendency to overheat. 

Again, it comes with a machine washable cover which is perfect for those that drool. It also comes in a range of colours from red, to grey and navy. Additionally, if this Mastiff bed works out well for you, then they also sell exactly the same model at increased sizes from XXL to Jumbo. 

Many owners appear to leave positive reviews on its quality and ease of cleaning. However some owners had stated that if your dog has a tendency to chew then this bed may not be right for you. This is a trade-off that owners may need to be aware of, especially as puppies and young adults may have an increased tendency to chew their beds. 

XXL Dog Beds For Mastiffs:

XXL Dog beds typically come in sizes of 48” +. However, some brands may also refer to this as jumbo. We recommend upgrading your dog bed to XXL / Jumbo once your Mastiff is starting to hit adulthood. This may also depend on the type of Mastiff you have as well as their weight. 

The best XXL dog beds for Mastiffs are: 

Laifug Orthopaedic Memory Foam XXL dog bed

The size of this bed is 36 x 27 x 3 inches. It weighs a tiny 3.92 pounds. From reading other reviews on this product, it seems that many other people are big fans of this dog bed due its more portable around the house. This is much better than the base standard, huge and heavy bed frames that have to be dragged. 

This bed is waterproof and has a machine washable cover, which is perfect for drooly mastiffs. The memory foam material is exceptionally soft which helps in calming a Mastiff down and improves their sleep quality. 

The support offered by an Orthopaedic bed is perfect for Mastiff joints too. Again, if your Mastiff has a tendency to throw itself to the ground, this helps limit the damage. 

dogbed4less XL Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

This bed is every so slightly under what we’d consider an XXL dog bed. Coming is at 47”L x 29”W x 4”TH. It’s obviously still quite long and may suit a smaller Mastiff breed. 

What I love about this design is the gel-cooling memory foam. I think this is a smart option for Mastiff breeds as it helps keep them cooler whilst sleeping. However, you may want to consider other options if your Mastiff is prone to chewing its bed. The brand offers high density memory foam (3.2 lbs) which is similar to human grade mattresses. 

The bed has an easy to clean denim cover which is machine washable. Underneath that lies a second layer waterproof liner which is a fantastic deterrent for mess, stains and accidents. It also comes with a bonus microsuede cover which can act as a makeshift replacement whilst you wash and clean the main cover. 

As far as we can tell, this dog bed is perfect for many mastiffs, even though it falls just short of the recommended 48” in length. The durability, material grade quality and bonuses such as the microsuede cover are fantastic perks, all this for a great price too! 

Owners who have reviewed this bed say this is a brilliant bed at an exceptional price range. The comfort and support are fantastic, as well as the build quality. The only downside appears to be the “chew-proof” aspect, which is a recurring theme for memory foam dog beds.  

Kopeks orthopaedic dog bed

The KOPEKS jumbo is the most expensive bed on our list. That said, this product is rated exceptionally high by many owners. 

In size, the KOPEKS jumbo orthopaedic dog bed comes in at 50”L x 34”W x 10x TH. It’s a bit over the XXL dog bed sizing, which qualifies it as “jumbo”. It’s recommended for many larger dogs such as Mastiffs, but also breeds such as GreyHounds, Huskies, Boxers and more. 

The KOPEKS bed is made with 7” thick memory foam that relieves a lot of pressure on joints. Beyond this, it has a 3” headrest which offers optimal support for your Mastiff’s large head.  

One of the reasons for the increased price tag on this bed is that it’s officially classified as hypoallergenic. It keeps your dog relaxed, and feeling cosy. It’s also brilliant for helping your Mastiff regulate its body temperature, which is perfect for those that overheat easily. And although this Mastiff bed is great for younger adults, it’s also perfect for more senior Mastiffs who may be struggling with joint pain or other mobility issues. 

In terms of cleanliness, the bed comes with a machine washable cover as well as a waterproof inner protector that helps keep the memory foam in good condition. Additionally it comes with an anti-slip bottom to stop it from moving all over the kitchen floor. 

90% of buyers rate this dog bed at 4-5 stars, loving the size of it and the build quality. This truly is a high-end dog bed as the price point suggests.

Best Elevated Dog Beds For Mastiffs

You may have noticed that although the orthopaedic dog bed options offer a lot of comfort and support, they can sometimes fall short when it comes to how chew-proof they are. Additionally, when summer rolls around, we may want something that offers a lot more airflow to stop our gentle giants from overheating. This is where elevated dog beds come in handy for Mastiff breeds. 

Here is our take on the bed elevated dog beds for Mastiff breeds: 

The Heeyoo Elevated dog bed is a good shout indoors and outdoors beds. The Canopy can be added or removed to help provide shade and sanctuary for your dog. As with all elevated beds, the emphasis is on keeping the dog cool. This provides airflow from all directions to help keep your pup chill. 

In terms of size, this bed comes in small, medium and large variations. The latter two are perfect for Mastiff dogs as they mature from puppyhood into adults. 

The quality of the materials is well rated with many reviews stating that the bed is much more chew-proof than orthopaedic alternatives. And although they may not be as comfortable, an elevated bed is great if you’re looking to mix things up and add some variety. 

The canopy itself is detachable and the whole bed is made from a mesh material that cleans easily, just use a hose to spray down and clean. 

Many owners of this product also agree that the bed is easy to assemble and is very light which means it can be carried from the house to the garden easily. This bed is great for travel. Those trips to the beach or family campsite just got a lot more comfortable for your pooch! 

Suddus Elevated Dog Bed - XL

The Suddus Elevated dog bed is a more premium version. The XL size makes this a good match for larger breeds such as Mastiffs, measuring at 48”L x 36”W x 9”TH. 

The Suddus claims that it offers more stability with multi-point support, as well as a more durable upgraded mesh support. This is ideal for heavier breeds with joint or mobility issues. 

The mesh material allows air to flow freely, and the PVC bed cover is added for extra durability and rip prevention. 

Parts of the dog bed are easily detachable and also easy to clean. This, like the Heeyoo bed, also offers the ability to transport it around on trips, which is a feature that many owners seem to appreciate. 

The bed is rated well for comfort and practicality. And although it’s an improvement on other softer beds, it is not entirely chew-proof. Some of those who have left negative reviews have commented on a lack of durability with larger dogs. And although many have praised its build quality, this is something you may want to keep in mind if you have a large and heavy Mastiff type dog. 

Eterish Elevated Dog Bed

Final Thoughts on Best Dog Beds For Mastiffs

It must be said that finding the best dog beds for Mastiffs is quite a challenge!

Given the common health problems that face mastiffs such as joint pain, mobility issues, overheating and so on, finding the perfect match is extremely tough. 

The safest bet (if you can afford it), is to invest in both an orthopaedic bed which can be used for sleeping at night, and an elevated bed which can be used to lounge around the garden, in which case an attachable canopy is also a great idea! 

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